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A new adventure

March 17th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

A new adventure

Hello! You might have noticed I went a bit MIA in the last few weeks… well, there’s a valid reason why!

If you follow me on Instagram or via my newsletter, you might have heard the news already. But this month, one week ago to be exact, I finally launched my new business and website and I’m officially self-employed right now!

Most of you will know I’m running a brand and web design business ever since 2015 alongside this blog, but it’s only recently that I decided it was time for me to make Miel Café Design into my everyday job. It was a scary step, of course, but I couldn’t be more excited to be this brave and do what I love for a living!

For the occasion I took some time to rebrand my business and create a fresh new identity from scratch: this is why I was super busy these last months! I took the chance to rebuild my entire website and build new packages for my services too! I’m excited about the enthusiasm with which a lot of you, who I know through this blog, have jumped at the chance to start working at blog, logo, brand and web design with me already!

So, what’s going to happen now? Well, first of all I have plans to start blogging on Miel Café Design’s blog more often than I did, covering topics like freelancing, running a business, branding, growing a following, design and a lot more! If you run a blog yourself or are considering to start your own business (which I hope you do!!), I’d love if you joined me over there – I’m sure it can be a place where to share tips and knowledge from me to you and from you to me too!

As for this blog, nothing will really change! I will of course keep posting and get back into a more regular schedule from now on. I’ll try and have one post per week on both the blogs and I can’t wait to get back into sharing all the new products and recipes I’ve been loving recently on here! Stay tuned for those!

In the meanwhile, thanks a lot for your incredible support! x

In February I’ve Loved…

March 1st  •  Posted in Favourites

A roundup of my February favourites including selfcare, books and magazines and coffee!

As much as February has been so stressful and busy to me (hence my tired face in this post), and I couldn’t wait for it to be over, I really wonder how is it that the time is going so fast this year! Nonetheless I have a couple of exciting February favourites to share with you today!

February favourites: Buddybox selfcare subscription box
February favourites: Oysho soft bra


With Valentine’s Day and January just gone by, February is usually the month when I think a bit more about self-love and care. I can hardly remember to treat myself to something nice these days, so discovering BuddyBox* this month was a breath of fresh air! I’ve never been one for subscription boxes, but I just couldn’t say no to a box full of encouragement and love. Plus, you know how I feel about cosiness, and this box contained everything one needs to swicth off and unwind, but also remember to take care of yourself. I’m talking a mixture of cosy reads, organic beauty, cute postcards and fun notepads!

Something I find I also love doing generally in February is updating my lingerie drawer, and if you know how I feel about lingerie you’ll understand the link with selfcare here! I’ve discovered Oysho‘s soft bras this month and I’m obsessed! But again, I love their whole range really!

February Favourites: The Simple Things magazine
February Favourites: Lost My Name Book


Although I’m not a mum just yet (nor anytime soon, promised), I’m sure some of you are or are going to be soon instead, and I just had to share this! I discovered the LostMy.Name* website and services months ago and immediately felt in love with the idea. I had a customized book when I was little and it was my very favourite thing, so I immediately loved the idea of a book based on your child’s first name. I might or might not have ordered a book with my future child’s name already (I’m crazy like that) and I’m obsessed with the beautiful illustrations and the extremely adorable story! I’m sure any child, boy or girl, would love this!

I’m also loving The Simple Things magazine these last couple of months: I’m usually a big fan of their Christmas issue and generally don’t buy a copy each month, but I loved everything about February’s issue and I’m that excited about Spring, that I couldn’t resist getting another one for March. And it’s extremely lovely, jam-packed with flowers and gardening tips!

February Favourites: Keepcup


Lastly this month I *finally!* got my hands on one beautiful Keepcup and I’ve got  so much use out of it already (this month was about having all the coffee all the time, maybe a bit too much too). I love the design and the environment-friendly ethic, it makes drinking coffee even more fun – don’t know if it’s a good thing but I do love this cup!


That’s about it for my February favourites!
I’d love to know what has been on your favourites list this month! x

Top 10 Natural Beauty Products

February 23rd  •  Posted in Beauty

My Top 10 Natural Beauty Products

You’ll know by now how I switched to using mainly natural beauty products since a couple of years now. Whilst I found it difficult to discover some nice gems that were completely natural and organic in the beginning, with the years I’ve become enthusiast of seeking and testing new natural products and by now I’ve built a nice collection of favourites!

Today I’m sharing my top 10, hoping to inspire anyone who has just started using natural beauty products: including mainly skincare, but also some hair and candle gems thrown in for good measure…

Relaxing bedtime all natural beauty products

What I love the most about organic and natural beauty product are the earthy floral scents they’re usually available in. I’m so done with all the chemical scents I was so obsesses with years ago, and now always prefer anything that smells floral and 100% natural.

Lush deserves a whole category for itself actually, I’m in love with a huge variety of products from their range, and if you read this blog you know I always rave about their solid shampoos especially. One skincare product I’m obsessed with at the moment is their Sleepy body lotion (unfortunately a limited edition) with its calming and relaxing lavender scent. But definitely check out their entire range, because they have an option for anyone!

Another brand I’m loyal to from quite a while is surely L’Occitane, always the best for hand creams: their ingredient lists are always mainly organic and natural and their products have the best scents and formulas.

I have always struggled with finding a natural deodorant that actually worked, but not being able to use anything that’s not organic on my sensitive armpits, I’m always in the quest. Last Summer I discovered this Salt Of Heart natural deodorant and I haven’t felt the need to lookout for a different option ever since. I can’t suggest using Potassium Alum as deodorant strongly enough to anyone suffering with very sensitive skin, the best all-natural option out there!

My favourite skincare natural beauty products
A few of my favourite skincare natural beauty products: face cleansers and masks

My skincare regimen is as simple as it could be, really. The one main product I use religiously is face cleanser though, and I’m such a fan of the Lavera range and especially of their Basis Sensitive Cleansing Gel. Natural beauty products can be expensive but Lavera always have the best quality for decent prices!

A cleanser I’ve been in love with recently is the Neal’s Yard Rose Facial Wash, extremely gentle, perfect for all types of skins and smelling so nice and relaxing! But I’m also a huge fan of MOA‘s skincare range and their The Green Balm cleanser in particular: their product are 100% organic and totally worth investing in!

Another huge favourite is my beloved Antipodes Aura Face Mask, usually the only face mask I use or carry with me. This is such a great all-rounder for any type of skins, treating dehydration but also being anti-bacterical, great for refreshing dull skin and making it look glowy after a busy week.

Hair, lips and candle natural beauty products

As for lip balms I couldn’t go one single day without my Nuxe Reve De Miel and you’ll probably be tired of me singing the praises of this product, but it’s really the only lip balm I use and there’s nothing better especially in the Winter months.

Haircare is the first category of products I started going completely natural with, and I’ve been avoiding any products with parabens and silicons since 3 long years now. Finding the perfect shampoo for my hair wasn’t an easy task! I love Lush’s solid shampoos and I usually alternate them with a Garnier option from their Ultimate Blends range (which don’t contain any parabens and are usually almost completely natural).

Lastly, I thought I’d mention Bomb Cosmetics and their amazing candles: they also do bath products, fragrances and soaps and all their products are natural and handmade, but their candles are just the cutest and come in the best scents!


And that’s it, a quick roundup of 10 of my favourite natural beauty products!
Would love to hear about *your* favourites as well! x