A Day Trip in Milan: Ice Cream Please!


A few more pictures from our most recent day trip to Milan that we had exactly one week ago. As I said in the first post about this day trip, we were not lucky enough to find Brera's California Bakery open (I was really craving a piece of cake and was very disappointed when I found out it was closed) so we decided to go for some delicious ice cream from Amorino while my boyfriend got a lemon iced water as always! I love walking down all the little streets in Brera, it's seriously my favourite place in Milan!

Also here are some other pictures from Parco Sempione!

Look at this little family!

A Day Trip in Milan: Sunflowers


I've noticed you enjoy reading about little day trips like this and since I particularly enjoy sharing my pictures and what I do, this is another mainly illustrative post but a lot of more pictures are coming your way later this week (just so you are not plagued by a lot of pictures all at once and also because this way I can spare the best bit for another post, ha! You curious?!). We headed to Milan again last week and we had the best time! One thing with Milan in August is that it's completely filled with tourists but there's not so many italian people going around (which is bad because when you wonder around in your own city with a bunch of tourists all around, you'll be asked for directions for sure!) but this also means a lot of cool Café and places are closed which is not fun but it's the perfect excuse to go and wonder around the rare green spaces around the city.

Someone of you might remember on our first anniversary day we hoped to have a day like this, but the weather was very poor and we couldn't hit up Parco Sempione, but this time we made up! Also they have this super cool wheat field with sunflowers and other little plants going on in the middle of the city and I just wish they will be able to spread this out across the city and make it a permanent thing. And no... I didn't pick my dress because of the flowers...


Things that make my feel renewed

A little list of things that always make me feel refreshed and renewed both body and soul wise:

. Cleaning;
. A hot/fresh shower (according to the time of the year);
. Exercise;
. Healthy meals;
. Refreshing skin mists;
. A new hair cut;
. Hot baths;
. New clothes;
. My cleansing routine (especially in the evening);
. Iced drinks;
. Freshly washed linen and towels;
. Pijamas;
. Fresh flowers;
. That moment when I finish to exercise;
. A clean good smelling tidy room;
. Freshly washed hair.

What about you?