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Handbag Essentials

April 25th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

There was a time when I used to bring with me only big, wide, ginormous handbags, but that time is definitely gone as now I only carry little bags which look a lot cuter in my opinion but are also pretty comfortable and not too bulky as a big bag. I recently got an even smaller bag and I had to halve my bag contents and completely minimize it, so I thought I could share my handbag essentials today…

First of all my new navy blue tote bag is the Vintage and Casual Tote Bag* (£11.88) from Sammydress which is such a cute and good quality little bag with the prettiest vintage brown details and a lot of wide pockets in the inside to keep everything very organized which I definitely love. This is the perfect size for my necessities as I can store all the things I need to carry with me when I go out and even more and it’s actually not too big nor too small. I love the brown details and that this pairs amazingly with the majority of my wardrobe, and even though I wasn’t too sure about getting it in blue, it turned out being a good choise as this is a bit of a change instead of my usual brown or black bags I use to go with in wintertime.

In the biggest compartment I always carry my Topshop wallet which my boyfriend bought me when we was in London and which I’m totally in love with. This is such a big wallet for a little bag, I know, but one thing with me is every wallet is always too little for my taste and for what I need to carry, so I need to go for a big one and make sure it fits it all. Also I always have in there a good old hand sanitizer as I’m a hygienic freak, a few little Ikea wooden pencils I got after a few Ikea trips, my Firmoo Brown Round Sunglasses* (£28.98) and my on-the-go camera which I recently decided to bring always with me to capture every little moment I want to remeber and maybe post on here too. Essentials to me are also my little Harrods Folk Floral Pocket Shopper Bag (£4,95) which comes very useful if I’m out and I need another cute bag to carry anything else I could have bought, and my little Accessorize Heart Mirror (£7), because, you know, a girl needs her mirror everywhere.

In the inside little pocket I always carry a handful of H&M Black Hair Elastics (£1.50) which are my all time favorite because they lasts forever and come pretty useful if you have long hair, but also a little old hair clip probably from Accessorize and my old Apple earphones, whilst in the bigger front pocket I always keep handy things I want to easly find like my super handy H&M Hand Wipes and Halo Moist Toilet Tissue Wipes (£1.09), but also a little jar I keep in there for when I’m out for some beauty shopping and need to ask a sample. This is such a staple in my handbag as I always hate when I get the wrong foundation or concealer shade, and the best way to avoid that is testing the product out before buying it maybe under a different light from the one in the shop, and maybe at home on my own. Little pots like this are super handy but also very affordable – you can find some here.

As for makeup I always carry around a few products to touch up any smudginess during the day, and for this purpose the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (£22) is always my best bet as it is super high coverage but lightweight and looks always natural, plus it’s super easy to blend out with your fingers which is a must when it comes to on-the-go makeup. Also I keep in there the lip product I applied that day before going out, and at the moment I have two, the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Lovelight (£15) and the Maria Galland Color Pencil in 200 Pamplemousse Rosé* which are both two pink and shimmery lip shades I’m loving wearing at the moment.

Something I need to get in the upcoming future is a cute and little notepad to be kept in my bag for any on-the-go idea to be written down, and a little makeup bag maybe where to put the makeup I carry with me and avoid it get lost in there.

What about your handbag essentials?