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Asking for beauty samples

May 2nd  •  Posted in Beauty

I feel like I had more wrong foundation or concealer shades than the actual right match for my skin, and there’s nothing more annoying than buying a super expensive foundation and getting the wrong shade. I know in USA you can bring your beauty products back to the shop if they don’t work for you, but here we are not allowed to do that and once you try a product you have to keep it. Only recently I finally realize asking for beauty sample is my right as customer, as being that I can only try it in the shop and not testing it on my own in different occasions and under different lights, it’s becoming so easy getting the wrong shade.

I’m not only talking about foundations and concealers, I think it’s a customer’s right asking for any beauty sample, as also skincare is pretty subjective and you really need to try a product at least for a few days to see if your skin is going to react badly to it or if it actually could love it. It’s our right until we actually go beyond the bounds of decency, and of course asking for beauty sample is ok if you really need to try a product and doesn’t mean you can go back and ask multiple samples of the same product until you actually get a full size. I also know it’s difficult to get samples of drugstore products and that sometimes the shop assistants aren’t too keen in helping you and giving a sample, but I wrote down a little list of suggestions and tips to use to ask and obtain a foundation, concealer (or beauty in general) sample to test at home by your own and with your own light.

– Always keep a little empty pot or jar in your handbag when you go out of beauty shopping, so that you can use it if the shop assistant say they don’t have sample pots
Ask politely to try the product in the shop, on your hands or face, to see the color or the consistency and talk about what you think (this can be super useful because the shop assistant could actually help you understand if this is the product for you without even trying it)
– Try to always look like you actually want to buy the product and you’re very interested in it (which should come natural as you are meant to be interested if you’re asking for a sample)
Ask politely if it’s possible to have a little sample of the product to try at home – usually they will agree, but if they don’t, try asking if you can only have one pump from the tester in your little jar
– Always remember to don’t be rude in the slightest because the shop assistant could have had a bad day and be rude with you as well (this happened to me so many times)
Explain why you want to try the product at home (for me for example I’ve just asked for a Chanel foundation sample, and besides the color issue, I wanted to try it a few times before buying a full size since I read it’s pretty highly fragranced and having sensitive skin this could be a problem)
Always say thanks before going once obtained the sample – I know it was your right to ask, but a lot of shop assistants could actually have said no, so be thankful
Don’t ever be afraid to ask – sometimes shop assistants will come in your help spontaneously, but if not, don’t be afraid, it’s your own right to ask and its their work to answer every of your questions.

I know that to understand a product and figure out if it works for you and your skin more than a few applications are required, but having a little sample is always worth as you can actually really test it a few days and have it in your home, test the lasting power, the shade, the consistency, how your skin reacts, and consider if it’s really worth buying a full size. So this were the tips I’ve learned recently and hopefully these could come helpful to someone of you who may needs a sample and don’t know how to ask, or who always gets the wrong shade.

Do you have any tip for asking beauty samples?

  • daisy walters

    I should ask for samples more!! Considering I don’t buy makeup often, if I spend a lot of money on something and its wrong, it would be a killer!!
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    • Definitely! Asking for samples could help a lot! x

  • Thank you for your tips! I didn’t know that I could ask for a sample, it’s very important to have this opportunity before buying anything!

    • Of course you can and it’s definitely super helpful! x

  • Great tips! I’m such a wimp when talking to shop assistants ahah xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • So am I! But once started I always love talking with them as I love talking about beauty in general! x

  • Cara Louise

    I always ask for samples first! I have found counters don’t like samples of skincare though, I asked a couple and they all said skin care can change how it works on skin throughout the year so a sample doesn’t give a good example. 🙁 Might have to persist next time! xx

    • I know, with skincare it is a bit more difficult, but you should definitely try again – on the other hand if you’re asking for a sample in this particular period of the year you may want to use it now and testing it can be helpful as well! x

  • I’m always way too scared to request samples in store. I get worried that they’ll think I’m trying to avoid buying it even though I actually REALLY want to buy it! Definitely a great idea to ask though, you don’t want to spend loads on something that isn’t right for you.

    • If you’re really afraid of what they could think, you should really try to explain why you want to have a sample and maybe say you’ll come back to buy it in that same shop – they will understand!

  • I prefer to test products first because my skin is a little peculiar and I don’t want to spend big sums on products that I won’t be able to use. Unfortunately, a lot of times they will tell you that they do not have samples. And because of that, I really like the idea of the little jar!

    • Having a little jar in my handbag always comes pretty handy in these cases!

  • Katie Atkinson

    I love this post, it’s so useful! I also love your blog – just followed 🙂

    Gold Dust


    • Thank you Katie! x

  • Things would be so much easier if the people who work at the beauty counters were more helpfull instead of immediately forcing you to buy something! When I ask for samples I always get a look like I’ve just said the stupidest thing in the world! And this is why I shop mostly online and before I do so, I search and compare shades online. It’s so much easier and less annoying


    • I definitely agree with you! Expecially when you go out for some high end products, they always look at you like you need to buy something or not go out of the shop at all. They aren’t all like that though, and even if shopping online is a lot less stressful, going in a proper shop can be useful as you can ask actual samples and try the product before buying it 🙂

      • Yes that’s true but even if they have samples, most of the times the color range is really poor and online you can find a huge variety of shades and also great discounts! eheh

  • I defo try and ask for samples, if I spend a lot at a brand I also ask for samples of products I’ve not tried but wanted too. I think if you show a genuine interest in the brand and show you’ve done a little research they’re usually more likely to give a sample x

    • Definitely! I always like to know what I’m going to ask and read some reviews online before too, so that I can actually start a real conversation and explain why I really want a sample 🙂

  • Jenn

    I love this, I really should ask more. So many times the make up looks great under store lighting but awful outside.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

    • Lights are so misleading sometimes! If they don’t give you a sample you can also swatch the product on your hand or neck and then go out of the shop and take a look at it in natural light! 🙂

  • I hate asking for samples, the few times I have they simply said they don’t give out samples…:( I guess it’s up to the assistant but Im not going to spend £30+ on a foundation without trying it first!
    xxx Claire

    • I know sometimes asking for a sample can be a bit tricky and this is why to feel more comfortable I always try to start a proper conversation with the assistant! Also you can try the product simply asking a little sample to a friend who already has bought it 🙂

  • I always ask for samples. There’s nothing worse than getting a foundation home and finding its totally the wrong shade. Some counter staff can seem a bit intimidating but as long as you smile and ask politely they do give out samples quite willingly.

  • Megan

    This was a really interesting post to read! I’ve recently been interested in buying higher end cosmetics but have been put off by how much I would waste money-wise if the shade wasn’t right. I feel so in the know now 🙂 thank you x

    Megan /