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Mint & Tulips To Do List | A freebie

May 15th  •  Posted in Design

I’m having a super fun time with watercolor painting recently, and when creating this Mint & Tulips little illustration (which I was planning to use for a few projects) I immediately thought it would look amazing on top of a to-do list and after a little Photoshop session this is what came out. This looks super cute on my desk and it’s perfect for me as I love creating lists and tick off those boxes as this helps a lot in staying organized. So whether you have a blog and need to create little list for your future features or you just want to write down any of your plans or shopping lists, this little printable freebie could may come useful at some point! Hope you enjoy!

  • Aww this is so lovely! Well done! Thank you so much for providing them to public!!! I love watercolours too, but I use them in architectural designs, it’s easier for me!

    • Nice! Thank you! x

  • I love the delicate watercolour design, thank you for the download 🙂

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    • Glad you like it! x

  • Be

    It’s lovely!!!!! I love it!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    • Thanks a lot Be! x

  • I love the subtle flower on this, looks lovely!

    Alessia |

    • Thank you Alessia! x

  • This is so pretty! x

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

    • Glad you like it! 🙂 x

  • Lauren Nicole O’Hara

    I love this design! I must say I love the layout of your blog, and I am sorry I took so long to comment like I promised on Twitter haha.

    This blog is so unique and I like how I can’t pin this blog as either a lifestyle, beauty, or fashion blog!

    Lauren xx

    • Thank you Lauren, such a sweet thing for you to say! x

  • I’m always making to do lists, this is so cute 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Beth, glas you like it! x

  • Gemma

    I love things like this, so simple but very cute!

    Gem x

    • Thank you Gemma! x

  • This is so pretty! And it’s so nice of you to share it! I will definitely be downloading it!

    • Thank you! Super glad you like it! x

  • The Oxford Owl

    This is beautiful, thank you so much for the freebie!

    The Oxford Owl

    • You’re welcome! Glad you like it! x

  • It’s super pretty! I printed out 2 copies 🙂

    • Super glad you like and printed it! x

  • This is so cute! I love the design <3

    Jane | Blush. Feathers. Lipstick.

  • Love a good to do list 🙂


  • Jordan Burrell

    This is super cute! Might have to print a few off to help keep organised!!

    Jordan xx

  • So pretty, thank you!