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My favorite food apps

May 12th  •  Posted in Tech

Food is my weakness and one of the thing I love most doing in life is cooking and baking, so of course I have some food apps to check on my iPhone’s screen. They come super handy when you don’t know what to cook for lunch and what to serve for something different, or when you simply want to discover new recipes. There are lots of good food apps out there, but these four are my all time favorites and I thought I could share them with you today.

1. Primerose Bakery (£2,49) – founded by the owners of a London’s phisical cupcake shop, this is a collection of the most delicious and beautiful dessert recipes out there. This is one of the first apps I ever downloaded and bought years ago, and they only recently added a few more recipes and gave it a little makeover and now it has the prettiest inferface and it’s super easy to navigate through and find your favorite recipes. I’m so picky with non-free apps but I can’t deny I didn’t hesitate a single minute before buying this and I can’t recommend it enough. My favorite recipes are their classic chocolate brownies (which are the best!) and their afghan biscuits which are such a breakfast staple of mine.

2. Yummly (free) – this is a super smart app that allows you to browse through some of the best recipes on the internet which you can save and “yum” in one of their category to have them all very organized and sorted through breakfast, dinner, appetizer, dessert… It also features a very clever shopping list which I never use, but which could actually come pretty handy, but the thing I love the most is how easy it is to find something interesting within the recipes recommended to you according to your previous “yums”.

3. Gojee (free) – it’s a beautiful collection of handpicked recipes with beautiful photos which make you crave food so badly everytime. This is very similar to Yummly with their engine which selects the recipes you could love for you, but here you can like your favorites but above all browse through their lovely named categories and some of my favorites are Tofu For You, with a tun of yummy tofu recipes, Nutell-icious!, because I love Nutella, Blondies & Brownies, featuring very innovative and creative blondies and brownies recipes, and Sweet Sunday!, with some super delicious weekend dessert recipes.

4. Filibaba Smoothies (free) – with its motto “pick, blend, drink” this app was thought and created by a group of Swedish lovely people to share their passion for smoothies and vegetarian and vegan food. I love the vast selection of flavors and ideas and this is such an inspiring and well done app to have on your phone if you love fruit and smoothies. I love that you can select the metric and how every recipe has its own description and reason to be there. They’re all very easy and quick recipes but they all looks so good and I can’t wait to try them all. This app inspired my beloved Healthy antiox smoothie which is absolutely delicious and one of my favorite things at the moment.

Which are your favorite food apps?

  • I love food apps – and as part of my university project my project partner and I had to design an app and we created a recipe generator based on the food you have left in your fridge and cupboards! 🙂

    Thanks for getting in touch on the #bbloggers chat, your blog is sooo beaut! Followed you now so looking forward to reading more:)

    Vicky xx

    Lots of Love, Me.

    • Your idea sounds super interesting and very clever! Good luck 🙂