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Whole-Wheat Pizza Muffins

May 27th  •  Posted in Recipe

So you may know or not know I opened a Youtube channel last year, but I only uploaded three recipes and always forgot to update it. Filming and editing is a bit more time consuming and not really my thing yet, but I do enjoy filming some of my recipes now and again and I thought I should really start uploading more videos since now. This time I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes I discovered an year ago or so and edited a few times to finally create the perfect whole-wheat version: my delicious whole-wheat pizza muffins!
For 6 pizza muffins you’ll need:
  • 100g tomatoes
  • 120g mozzarella
  • 35g whole-wheat flour
  • 85g white flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 17g grated parmesan
  • 100ml milk
  • 30ml seed/olive oil
  • 1 large egg
  • oregano

To start with I chop all my tomatoes in half, and in half again and again to have little tomatoe cubes in the end and put them aside, then do the same with the mozzarella and put it aside as well as we’ll need both of them later. Mix together the flours in a big bowl and then start adding all the other ingredients in the same order as listed: baking powder, salt, grated parmesan, milk, oil and lastly the large egg. Mix everything together until smooth and then start adding your chopped tomatoes and mozzarella, sprinkle with lots of oregano which will provide the classic pizza flavor, and lastly mix everything again and again until uniform. Then I usually brush some olive oil in my muffin tin to avoid my muffins to stick to it, and then place the mixture in it. The tin is ready to be placed in the centre of your oven and be cooked for 25 minutes at 180°C. They’ll be ready when golden brown, and you can then take them out of the oven, but always remember to let them sit and cool for 10 to 15 minutes before taking them out of the tin and eat them.
These are delicious as appetizer or even as a complete meal – they taste super amazing and if you’re a pizza lover you should definitely give them a whirl. Also you can add whichever ingredient you like to them, for example I sometimes add some green olive and they come out even more delicious.

Check out the video above to watch all the steps!

On-the-go skincare emergency kit

May 26th  •  Posted in Beauty

Being that sensitive skin’s girl I am and being my skin always so problematic, wherever I go I always feel the need to carry some skincare friends with me in my handbag – I also reserved a little plastic clear bag to store some of them and try to stay organized. They only take a little tiny room in my bag, but can really be lifesavers if you suffer of sensitive skin, eczema or dryness and need some skincare help on the go as well.

A recent addition to my skincare stash is the La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 (£13.50) which I picked up when I finished up my old eczema treatment. I’m only trying it for a few weeks, but I really like the texture and the slight fragrance. Thought for body and face, this really helps in hydrating your chapped and dry skin while also repairing and soothing it. I have this bad, itchy, nasty eczema around my lips and this comes super handy when my skin starts hurting and I need something powerful to fight that feeling. Another essential of mine is the Botanics Organic Hydrating Eye Cream (£6.99) which is a life savior for my under eyes area where my skin get pretty dry and sensitive – a small amount of this really makes the difference, but while other eye creams can be a bit too aggressive for my under eye skin, this is so gentle, natural and hydrating that I couldn’t live without it now. I also bring always with me my loyal Aveeno Cream (£8.93): aiming to be a good eczema treatment for any skin type and above all for sensitive skins, this never disappoint me when it comes to deeply hydrate the skin without feeling too heavy. It also sinks in super quickly and easly so it’s perfect for on the go and quick applications.

A must-have in my handbag is a little hand sanitizer which comes pretty handy when I need to apply one of my on-the-go skincare essential – you never want your hands to be dirty when you touch your sensitive skin! Also I love carrying around mini pots like this one where I place a few pumps of my favorite face moisturizers to have them always with me if I’m spending my night out somewhere that is not my own place, or if I feel I need some skincare gems in my long days far from home. They avoid you to bring a full size product with you, are so handy and not bulky at all and need only a tiny little room in your bag. I’m such a fan!

What about your on-the-go skincare essentials?


The positive side of being unlucky

May 25th  •  Posted in Blogging

Recently it was a very unlucky period of my life, in a week or so I fell down the stair and now I’m bounded in bed with a bandaged foot, someone deleted my Google account and my blog with it, more than 200 blog posts and a three years old blog went lost in only a few minutes and with them all my sample blogs for my design business. It may sounds nothing to a lot of you, but when blogging is part of your life whether is a business or a passion, whether you just started it or you passed a few years of your life building it step by step, seeing it disappear in front of your own eyes really makes you feel sad.

I don’t know what is going on with me recently, but I still can find some positive aspects in all of this unluckiness I’m experiencing, I feel like I’m a lot more a positive person recently, and I’m so passionated to my blog and my little business that I can’t let someone lets me down. I immediately started rebuilding all my design’s sample blogs, saved the most recent posts I uploaded on my blog and reuploaded all of them one by one by hands, redesigned my blog and fixed everything else. It took me two days of work but I’m finally back blogging and I couldn’t be more happy about that! I can’t have my entire blog back as it was before, but I can still blog and speak to all of you, so it can’t be so bad, right? Anyway I thought I could share a little list of positive aspects of experiencing this unlucky period, hoping to bring some positivity in your life as well.

– Losing your blog even only for a pair of days makes you see how passionate you really are about it and I discovered I live my little blog like if it was an extension of myself, I just can’t imagine it to do not exist anymore and it never crossed my mind to use what happened as an excuse to stop blogging.
– At least I have no more embarrassing old posts written three years ago.
– Last year I was one of those bloggers who uses way too many labels with the result that I recently didn’t even know where to start to decimate them, but being that I have to start from a brand new blog, I now can manage them more wisely.
– While rebuilding my design’s sample blogs I had the opportunity to fix some coding errors I couldn’t see before.
– Being bounded in bed for ten days is not that bad if I still have a blog to write on and paper, brushes and watercolors to paint something nice and be creative.
– It’s super lovely when you realize people really love you and would do anything to make your worst days better.
– I’m reading a lot of beautiful written blog posts and discovering a lot of new blog I love.
– I reached 800 blog followers this week, and this is amazing, thank you!
– I have so many supportive followers and I can’t thank enough anyone who commented on my last post What happended to Miel Café? and who tweeted me about my blog’s unlucky experience.
– Right now I’m writing this post in my garden with birds tweetering in the background and a super nice warm spring weather, so I can’t really feel unlucky at all.

Being aware of who I am, I would say only a few months ago I would had cried seeing my blog being deleted by someone so mean to take me away something I love so much, I would say I may had let him let me down and never restarted my blog from scratch like I’m doing right now, but now I feel so positive and passionated about this little online space of mine that I can’t let everything simply disappear, so Miel Café is still here and I’m still blogging as usual no matter what it happened!