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Relationship memories album

May 21st  •  Posted in Craft

It all started with me gitfing some polaroid instagram pictures to my boyfriend for his birthday and then again for Christmas last year, and since then I was thinking of creating a sort of photo diary of our relationship. I know nowadays you can pay someone to print your photo diary for you, but we thought to do it the old classic way and print our pictures, buy a cute photo album, and together stick all our pictures we made together in a cronological order to always have some illustrated memories at our fingertips.

We hadn’t a lot of actual big good quality pictures together but we saved some on our phones and I decided to print them in a cute polaroid shape last year, and for this purpose Polagram came so useful. It’s a super handy iPhone app (also available on Android) that make you choose between your phone’s pictures and actually print them for only a few pounds. They send them to your home within only a few days in a super cute pink envelope which is adorable, however there’s also Printic which is a very similar app with slightly different prices. They both allow you to choose between different sizes and styles and always have super convenient discounts if you’re subscribed to their newsletters.

Back in March though, we went for a trip to London, our first trip together on our very own, and brought a proper camera with us and took a lot of good quality pictures. We recently decided to print them together with our pictures we started taking with a proper camera since then, and we chose a bigger format for our good quality pictures. Photobox came in our help when it was all about printing up to 80 pictures all together for a reasonable price, and I’m so happy with all of them! They are big and look beautiful and fit perfectly with the style we decided to go for our photo album.

Talking about photo albums, I just fell in love with the Paperchase Kraft Scrap Book With Ribbon (£8.50) as soon as I saw it on ASOS and simply had to get it so I did. It such a good quality album and even if it’s not an actual photo album, it’s perfect for this purpose and we managed to make it look super simple and elegant on the inside as it is on the outside. I love the black ribbon and the rusty feeling it has, such a simple and neutral style with just a little feminine touch which is perfect for our little project.

Creating something together is super nice and fun, we had a really good time choosing our pictures, looking and laughing at them, finding a little cute natural place where to start sticking them to our album and doing the actual hard work was really nice and relaxing as everything else when made with your better half on your side. We decided together to go for some Transparent Photo Corners instead of tape to make it look more put together and avoid to stick anything on our pictures. They are a bit of a pain when it comes to apply them to your photos, but the final result is beautiful and the best part of it is that we can move our pictures where we want anytime. We aren’t even halfway through the 100 pages of our album and we can’t wait for having other pictures to be printed in the upcoming future! I can’t suggest a nicer craft project to do with your better half – and let me tell you, even boys can actually enjoy something like this as it’s the best way to go back through all your memories together and re-live them all, storing them in a safe, cute and forever yours little place.

Do you like the idea of a relationship memories album?

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