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May 22nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

You may remember my May’s Mini Goals: I’m super proud to say I’m keeping faith to all my promises: as you may see I went back to watercolor painting and I’m really enjoying it, I also started reading Game of Thrones, I’m sticking to my routine about everyday, and I also had the opportunity to visit new places. A only trip into nature wasn’t what I was thinking, but I unfortunately have to shift my plans to next month. Last week though, when I still was able to walk properly and wasn’t bounded to bed with a bandaged foot, me and my boyfriend had a lovely day exploring a new natural place we both found super lovely.

We passed the afternoon in this cute place where three rivers meet, walking down little tree-lined paths surrounded by nature, flowers, water’s and little animals sounds and we even found a little place where to start our project of creating our own Relationship Photo Album. It was so refreshing eating some delicious and all natural Yu! Just Fruit Chews in Strawberry* while immersed in the nature and during such a warm sunny spring day. We walked on a super tight shaky footbridge over the biggest river – which was a bit scary but the view was beautiful, and I found a new little friend over my shoulder: a cute ladybug. When it was time for icecream we simply went for it as the weather was warm enough and we were pretty hungry: chocolate and sour black cherries is always been my favorite flavor (do you remember?).

I’m so happy and enthusiast about this wonderful place that I really want to come back in the upcoming future, but I have a lot of other plans for next month! But this is the proof you don’t have to go far to find a breathtaking natural place where to spend a healthy afternoon, and I promise I won’t forget about this place when we won’t know where to pass our afternoons in summertime.

Did you visit any natural places around you recently?