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{Weekend Discount} Only a few hours left!

June 29th  •  Posted in Design

Just a super quick mid afternoon post to remind you can still have a chance to claim your 20% off all the ad spots from my sidebar and sponsor my blog this month for super cheap: the small spots comes at only £3,5 and the large spot at only £9 this weekend only – only first 8 users until Monday h. 10am! Use the code OPENINGTHESIDEBAR at checkout to claim your 20% off! Also I still have a few free swap spots to be filled for the next month – find all the listings below or here



In June I’ve Loved…

June 29th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Being that we already are coming at the end of June, I’ve rounded up all the things I’ve loved this past month, and this time I have a few beauty but also non-beauty favourites I want to share with you, and some will come with no surprise if you’re a faithful reader of this little blog of mine…

{Makeup} This month I wore makeup like 10 times maximum but I’m sticking to only a few products as the temperatures are rising and I don’t really want to have lots of stuff going around there – I’ll share my kind of makeup routine for summertime late the next week, however two of those products have to be mentioned in this favourites post: I’m back in love with the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (£22) of which I have the shade Custard which is way too dark for my pale skin in winter and spring, but that is perfect right now – I’m using it literally everywhere, under my eyes to cover dark circles, on spots, scars and blemishes, on discolorations and anywhere else I feel I need a bit more coverage. The other makeup product I’m loving is the L’Oréal Telescopic False Lash Effect Mascara (£9.35): now, I was a fan of the original Telescopic mascara and I think they made a huge mistake when they decided to discontinue it, however this new formula and in particular the waterproof one (which is perfect for summertime and hold the curl perfectly) is pretty good as well and the only mascara I want to wear now that my stock of the original version is completely gone.

{Skincare} I shared my summer skincare staples here earlier this month and I’m sticking to all of them recently, however I can not go without mentioning how I’m loving the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel (£12.31), a lovely non-foaming gel cleanser perfect for removing makeup, dirt and oil, which contains papaya extracts that lightly exfoliate the skin in the meanwhile, this is such a fresh, gentle and nice product to use on a daily basis during summertime. Talking about fresh feelings, I’m kind of back in love with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (£9.20) even though, if you ask me, I would never repurchase it when it’s all finished, but it’s nice to have a fresh spray to apply on your face during the day, whether you’re wearing makeup or not, just to refresh it all now that it’s so hot. Lastly but not at least, my boyfriend has always been a fan of the Breeze deodorant and I’ve only recently tried it myself, and I’m in love, I won’t ever smell bad in my life again. I don’t know if you can get it outside of Italy, however this uk based website sells and ships them if you’re interested!

{I’ve been obsessed with…}
– Hay Day (free), I’m hooked again, I just can’t stop.
– This H&M Satin Blouse (£12.99) which is just the one for me right now and which has had a dedicated blog post earlier this month here if you want to find out more.
– The One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book (£10.99) of which you can read more in yesterday’s post – but it’s just lovely and so cute!
– These vegan chocolate pancakes: they’re delicious!
– These beauties.

What are you loving recently?

One Line A Day

June 28th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Have I an insane obsession for notebooks, stationery and little books? Yes, I know. But as soon as I saw the One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book (£10.99) on Amazon, I just knew I had to get it. Lucky enough my boyfriend was super kind and sweet to order me one copy which made a super nice little present and now I’m even more excited to fill it in everyday! And let’s face it: it’s too cute to handle.

The idea behind it is to write a few lines a day about what happened to you that particular day, what made you happy or sad, something you want to remember or simply a sentence that sum up your day perfectly and just do it every single day for 5 years. What makes it a super cool project is that year by year you’ll be able to see what you were doing the exact same day one, two, three, four and five years ago, which to me sounds like such an interesting thing. People change a lot year after year and I can see myself growing a lot during the upcoming five years – I feel like when you are living in your twenty something everything can change all suddenly and you get to know so many new things, like having your first own flat, your first job, building a new family which is what I hope to to in the next five years and which will be lovely to document step by step.

I know this is not exactly a “little” project (as I’m calling it) but a more challenging one and that I’ve never been good with challenges, but I like the thought of me the next year reading what I wrote today, and I hope this will be enough to make me feel always passionate about it and never forget to write my line a day. I was one of those little girls who always wanted a secret diary and when she finally got one she just forgot about writing her stuff inside, but I still find diaries super fascinating and this can be a grown up version of my old secret diaries and hopefully a grown up version of myself won’t forget about filling it every night! I also think taking the time to examine your days every night is a really nice opportunity to appreciate the little things, it makes you think about every thing that happened, what made you happy or sad and makes you appreciate something from your days even if they weren’t that good.

Being that you can add your current year yourself, this means you can start anytime really!

Are you planning something similar?