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A shirt love

June 17th  •  Posted in Style

H&M Satin Blouse | Paul & Joe Lipstick in Retro

I’ve always been a shirt kind of girl and my mom and my boyfriend say I just have way too many similar white shirts in my guardrobe and that I should stop getting them when I go shopping, but I just feel so comfortable in them and I love how they look on me, I’m just for feminine yet comfortable clothes and any kind of soft white shirt always calls my name loudly when I’m out shopping.

Last month I got this beautiful H&M Satin Blouse (£12.99) and since then this is almost the only thing I want to wear everytime I go out and I would do that if only it was possible. A satin shirt with golden little buttons on the front, a nice woven pattern, slightly puffy sleeves and slightly longer back, this is so soft, lightweight and well done and, coming at not even £13, it’s quite the steal too. What I hate about summer is that you have to show way too much skin and I’m not comfortable in my body at all at the moment and one of the things I hate showing are my arms, but this shirt is so flattering with those loose sleeves and looks amazing on me too. It also has two small slits on the sides which make it fall on your body perfectly, and everything mixed together gives this shirt a nice vintage-y feeling being girly yet comfortable. Paired with black skinny jeans it’s just adorable in my opinion, but I love it also because it allows you to play with your bottoms and choose different colours which is always nice – not that I can go beyond browns, blacks and blues. It also comes in light blue which is adorable as well and which I just feel will be my next purchase – but whether you prefer the white versatile version or the light blue one, I wouldn’t miss out on this bargain if I were you!

Tell me about your favourite shirt!

  • I love the button details on the shirt! very vintage and chic 🙂


    • The buttons are so cute! x

  • I love the shirt. H&M seem to be on point at the moment!


    Water Painted Dreams xo

    • I always love H&M and their pricings! x

  • Be

    OMG! I love the shirt!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    • It’s just so cute! x

  • i love the sleeves! also, that lipstick colour is really lovely.

    • Thank you, I love both of them as well! x

  • That’s so nice! I think even a wardrobe full of white shirts can still be varied. Since the color is so plane, you can really play up the textures and cuts of the shirts (like yours). My favorite shirt is also a white blouse and if I had to get a new one, I’d still get it in white. It looks great on all skin tones!

    • Yes I definitely agree! I love having all different style white shirts which always pair good with any kind of bottoms! x

  • Ellie

    I love shirts like this too — they’re perfect paired with skinny jeans! I’m guilty of purchasing multiple clothing items in the same style, but I never regret it because I wear them all so much!

    • I always wear them so much too – I’m such a lover of white shirts! x

  • this is such a pretty shirt, im like you and have so many of them in my closet! xx

    • Me too but I just wear them all so much! x

  • This is gorgeous! 🙂 will have to keep my eyes peeled for it when I’m next in H&M.

    Sam | xx

    • Yes definitely, I love it! x

  • Super cute shirt, I love white blouses because you really can play it up with the pants, shorts or skirts! My favorite shirt is a short sleeve shirt with floral print that looks so cute with some jeans or shorts… I love that it’s just an easy outfit for me to put together when I’m in a rush. Also, I don’t like showing much skin either. Whenever I see girls in teeny tiny shorts and tank tops on, I’m like… hmmm… Cover up! lol I’m a tiny girl and just over 108 lbs, but have never been comfy with showing my body off to the world. I wear tanks, but always UNDER a shirt! 😛


    • I’m with you about showing way too much skin! And I also love easy but cute outfits which don’t require too much effort but still look good! x

  • Allison

    Love the look of this! Comfortable but super classy
    Allison from