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The food diary | 1

June 22nd  •  Posted in Food

I never planned to start this blog series, I was actually trying to take pictures of my week to share with you, but I ended up photographing mainly the food we ate, and it was a lot. So this will be the first food diary of many to come in the future on this blog – sorry for any mouthwatering photography and thanks to the boyfriend for helping with taking these pictures!


I came across this recipe when browsing through Yummly and decided to try it – had to double up the doses to come up with four decent size pancakes and I changed the ingredients a little bit to suit our tastes, but they were truly delicious! I love a bit of a vegan and non-diary choice now and again, especially when they’re as good (or better) as the dairy version! Served with some dark chocolate topping and paired with our usual soy latte, they made the best breakfast of the whole week really.


This was another Yummly inspired recipe (you can find the original one here) which was super easy and quick to prepare. However I decided to melt the cheese down on a low heat instead of mixing it all and nothing else, which made a better fondue, a lot more creamy and delicious. We both love feta cheese so it was the perfect quick summer lunch for us!


These french cheese puffs make the perfect light dinner if paired with some vegetables, and we went for some zucchini and broccoli and the result was delicious! This is a recipe I tried a lot of times before and never failed in meeting everyone tastes, they are so light but delicious and can be paired with literally everything.


Last month I shared my lava cake recipe here and this week I decided to treat the boyfriend with them for breakfast. Super easy to make and quick to bake, these were super delicious with their warm, soft heart. We kept them quite simple without the strawberries and the icing sugar, but they were so good as well!


We had fun preparing these together! I shared my pizza muffins recipe here and I still stick to it most of the times but this time we decided to add some chopped zucchini to the mixture as well, and we went for only white flour instead of whole-wheat flour as in the original recipe. It’s an understatement saying they came out pretty damn delicious.


Another breakfast and this time we baked some classic scones together for the first time and we are both proud to say they came out perfect. Served with some Nutella and paired with my Iced Soy Latte they were perfection and I just can’t think of a better breakfast I would love to eat right now!


Lastly my boyfriend prepared some pizza dough and baked it in the evening and it was so so good. There’s nothing better than some freshly baked homemade pizza, and when your boyfriend bake it for you without the need of you even stepping a foot inside the kitchen for one time, it just tastes even better.

This week we just baked a bit more than normal, but we were so satisfied with the results and happy to treat ourselves a little bit to something good and homemade.

Is this something that happens to you as well?

  • And that is what I call FOOD PORN! Hahahaha! Amazing food and recipes, I’m definitely giving some a go. The garlic fondue seems so appealing, I don’t care about the bad breath afterwards, fondues are yummy!!!

    • Breaths weren’t that bad, but the fondue is seriously amazing and I can’t suggest it enough! x

  • Ohh my god… This is art!!! Bravo!!! 😀
    Or shall I say brava??


    • Haha, thank you! x

  • Drew Anne

    This all looks so delicious! I just ate lunch, but now I’m hungry again!

    • Haha, ops sorry! x

    • Ahh, I just want to restart the week again!

  • Holly Montagnon

    Wow I am now starving ! Your photos are lovely !
    Amazing post!


    • Thank you Holly! x

  • Whoa, you’ve eaten some seriously amazing food this week! It puts my week of prawns, pizza and crumpets to shame! x

    • Ah no! I love those weeks as well! x

  • Chocolate pancakes?! adfsiuahsdfiuhadfiuhaf
    I don’t think I can handle reading one of these posts a week!
    The photos are awesome btw!

    • The pancakes are delicious and I’m just all about them being all vegan and non-diary that I already had them again on Sunday!
      I don’t think posts like this will be up every week, so don’t worry, unfortunately I don’t always have all this time for baking/cooking! x

  • Be

    OMG! Those pancakes, and the scones with nutella, and the pizza… PLEASE FEED ME NOW!!!!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    • Haha, the positive side is that they’re all pretty easy and quick to be prepared so you can easily replicate them! x

  • Wow everything looks so delicious, especially the chocolatey things. Also love the pizza muffins and will be taking that recipe to hopefully give a go one day! The photos are really amazing as well!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  • Hannah

    So many yummy recipes but those Vegan pancakes are a definite try! Thanks for sharing!


  • Martin Mach