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The summer chop

June 25th  •  Posted in Beauty

I didn’t plan to grow my hair this spring but it was actually pretty long at the beginning of summer this year, which was ok with me until the hot weather hit us a few weeks ago and I just couldn’t stand it. I have thick oily hair which takes ages to dry and is also very heavy and the only positive side of having long hair I could find was being able to style it in a lot of different ways – but considering that I only place them in a ponytail or a bun, I had no excuses. Also I chop my hair quite often and I’m pretty used to shorter hair length which is totally fine with me, however I can’t remember the last time I chopped it this short.

As you can see and imagine I’ve chopped my hair recently, around 5 inches fell on the floor, but I was super ready to say them goodbye. I love how shorter hair looks, it is a lot more lightweight and fresh for summertime and my plain hair can actually look a bit more alive and messy without all the weight that made it so flat and not voluminous at all. Not that now it looks amazing on its own, but it’s a lot better and I can style it a lot more easily and it dries quicker too which is always a plus in summertime. But what is not an understatement is that I always chop it myself (with my mum’s precious help) and being that I have no big expectations and I just want my hair to have the same length all around, it’s pretty easy. The trick is to get some good hair scissors like these and forgetting about using some classic all purposes scissors which won’t give a precise cut, simply decide the lenght and cut the first piece, then follow the line you just cutted for the rest of your hair. I ask my mum to help with the back which is a bit more tricky, but for the rest is just as simple as that and I just prefer cutting my hair myself on a regular basis instead of talking to an hairdresser, which not only is too expensive, but sometimes won’t get what you really desire and I always end up being dissatisfied about something.

Are you thinking of chopping your hair for summertime?

  • I’m definitely debating getting the chop, it’s so much easier to look after!


    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • A lot easier! And it’s a lot fresher too 🙂 x

  • I did the big chop a while back. My hair has always been kinda long but I realized why it never looks that great on me – it’s because shorter hair is better! It’s definitely fresher but I think for pixie cuts, it’s a little more work. I agree that hair cuts and even trims are so expensive! I’m too scared to cut my own hair though so I might have my boyfriend do it haha!

    • Definitely ask for help if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself – I wasn’t at the beginning! And I definitely agree that pixie cuts need much more effort, I feel like I’m sticking with the mid length for a while! x

  • I really want to go for the chop but im really scared! So instead ive done the reverse and am growing out my hair! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty and lifestyle blog}

    • Haha! I feel some girls just look amazing with longer hair, but I’m not one of them! x

  • I definitely think I’m chopping my hair! I cut my hair really short once and have been growing it since. Realised that long hair isn’t really me either.


    Water Painted Dreams xo

    • I love how shorter hair looks on me, I always get tired of long hair! x

  • Collette Hughes

    Loving your hair cut it looks so fresh and pretty! My hair had grown so long I’m so tempted to chop it eeeek!
    Lovely blog – thanks for linking me to it on twitter 🙂
    Following you my darling.

    Collette xxx

    • Thank you Collette! x

  • I always consider cutting my hair off. I got it cut into a bob last year and it felt so healthy. It grows so fast so it’s quite hard to maintain short. I love your blog design 🙂


    • Thank you! My hair grows super fast too which is annoying, but considering that I chop it myself, it’s not even expensive! x