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Cookies and Cheesecake

July 9th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

This week both me and Ale feel super lucky to be able to spend a whole week (and more) together as, as you probably already know, we live a sort of long distance relationship and it’s always nice to have some quality time to spend together instead of our usual dates that never last more than two days. We are spending our time snuggling on the couch watching Orange Is The New Black, cooking and eating healthy delicious dinner (which will be shared for sure at some point) and chatting about anything really, but I had to go to the doctor on Monday, so we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around Milan.

Almost an entire year has passed since the last time we went for a walk in Milan together, we only were there the very first time we met actually, and it was such a nice thing to re-do together a year later, walking in the same spot we saw each other for the first time and remembering how everything started between us. It rained exactly as the first time we met, which is not ideal at all when you’re wandering around Milan without an umbrella and some espadrilles on your feet, but it’s ok.

Enough ramblings now, and let’s talk about the food, shall we? Believe it or not, it was all McDonald’s! We were super hungry (we only ate noodles for lunch) and ordered two cookies, a strawberry cheesecake and a lemon cake – not sure which one was the most delicious out of the three. Never thought McCafé was a good place where to eat a delicious cheesecake but it really was, and probably it was my favourite between the three, but I’m a bit of a fool for cheesecakes in general.

All in all it was a lovely afternoon and coming home to some fresh new lilac flowers in the evening, making a relaxing and well deserved hot bath, and eating some delicious pasta the boyfriend cooked for me, was the perfect way to conclude the day. If only there hadn’t been that big creepy black spider on the windowsill which took us awake until 2 am…

  • Aww so perfect! I’m a romantic fool! 😀

    • It was such a beautiful afternoon 🙂 x

  • Some years ago I had always breakfast at McCafé in Roma Termini, good american coffee almost as much as Starbucks and muffins absolutely delicious! But I’ve never seen the cheesecake, I love it!

    • Never tried their muffins but they look good! x

  • Sleek-chic

    So romantic! I know how it feels being in a ldr, the few times you get together are so special 🙂 Seriously in shock this is mcdonalds, bit more upmarket than the UK establishments haha xx

    • It seriously shocked me when I saw UK McDonalds don’t have a lot of things we have here! x

  • Sounds like a romantic time with your love! ..but McDonald’s? Even the fast food is fancier there!

    • That one it’s definitely fancier than others here in Italy, maybe because it’s so close to all those fancy shops..! x

  • Damn I want some cheesecake now haha!

    • It was sooo good! x

  • that’s a perfect day 🙂 i’ve been in a long distance relationship and it’s the sweetest. have fun! x

    • It was such a cute afternoon! x