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Frappuccino for breakfast

July 12th  •  Posted in Recipe

On Wednesday I asked for something refreshing for breakfast and remembered my boyfriend used to know how to prepare a frappuccino and being that we had all the ingredients already in the fridge, we simply went for it. It was delicious and simply what we needed, plus we don’t have Starbucks here in Italy, so having a simple and quick recipe it’s always super handy.

Ingredients for 2 frappuccinos:
250ml milk
1 cooled espresso
2 tsp cocoa powder
6 ice cubes
2 tsp sugar
Whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts and caramel topping to serve

He started by throwing the milk into the mixer with the six ice cubes and coffee, mixed, added the cocoa powder and sugar and mixed again for a pair of minutes. Add more sugar if you like it to be extra sweet. Throw it in a glass and serve with whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts and caramel on top (or whatever you like on your frappuccino).

It’s seriously the quickest and easiest recipe, but it came out delicious and it was the perfect refreshing summer breakfast drink to pair with some freshly baked chocolate cookies, something a little different from my usual iced soy latte. Don’t know about you but I’ll give it a whirl on my own for sure!


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