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In June…

July 2nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

June was definitely a luckier month excluding the very beginning when I had some health issue and bad thoughts related to that, but for the rest of the month things went super great and I had a really good time which is nice to say. Me and my boyfriend, which if you don’t know live a sort of long distance relationship, had the chance to spend a whole week together and it was super lovely, something we were waiting for since a really long time ago and the month has concluded at the news we’re going to have a similar week in July as well and I couldn’t ask for anything better, really!

In June my blog hit 1000 followers which was so exciting and I just want to take a minute to thank you all – I love my blog and what I’m doing, I love taking time to write down new contents almost every day, and it’s lovely to have such a nice response! This made me feel super passionate about this little online space of mine and brought me to write practically everyday on here and it totally distracted me from any bad thoughts.

On the beauty front in June I shared my Guide to a mark free self tan which I’m glad a lot of you seemed to find super helpful, but one of my all time favourite posts to write was my Fighting Eczema feature: June was the month when I suffered of eczema the most and writing this little list of things I learnt felt so right and I was genuinely happy to read your suggestions and experiences and just see such a lovely response from you with your stories and tips! I also shared my makeup removing routine, talked about a lovely fresh face mask, shared my summer skin wardrobe with all the products I’m using this summer, documented my new summer hair chop, and took you for a tour inside my shower talking about all the relaxing products a shower lover uses.

In June I baked a lot, so much that I have a whole week of baking and cooking delicious lunches, dinners and breakfasts all documented in my first of many to come Food Diary which was my #1 all time favourite post to write (and you can see why)! Not mentioning I also had a midnight brownies baking session, and me and my family went through the homemade strawberry jam phase for at least three weeks. Talking about breakfasts, I’m recently super obsessed with my Iced Soy Latte – I just can’t stop.

Two posts you seem to really enjoy reading were the Why I Love Blog Design and Why We Love Mornings features and being that writing down lists of why I love things is such an easy task, I can see me writing a lot more features similar to these two the next month! Something I was super excited about is my new One Line A Day little project which lots of you are doing as well – will keep you updated on that – but should we talk about the fact that I wrote down two style posts (this won’t happen so often in the future)?: A Shirt Love & The Basic Summer Wardrobe. Lastly, to check out what me and the boyfriend were up to the past month I finally wrote the second Life Snippets post which includes flowers and ice cream so you don’t want to miss on that.

This month I made the scary step of deciding to open the sidebar to some sponsor. I don’t really know what I’m doing and if I’m going to stick with it or change something in the upcoming future, but for now if you like the idea of sponsoring this little blog of mine you can check out my ad spots here.

What were you up to in June?

  • Sofia Rbt

    Congrats for your followers and keep doing this great job !

    If you like, we can sponsor each other .. No ? c: <3 *puppy eyes*

    Bisous !


  • Congratulations on hitting 1000 followers! I think I was a new June follower, and you really deserve it 🙂 I finished my year abroad in June and moved back from Belgium to England, after a little holiday to Barcelona – glad you had such a lovely month! Xx

  • Nicole
  • Emmerliejay

    Congrats on 1,000 followers – that’s so good! June sounds like it was a great month for you 🙂
    emmerliejay x

  • Sorry to hear if you suffered a health thing, hopefully its all okay now. Glad to hear however you hit 1000 followers and got to spend time with your boyfriend! Good luck with your sidebar & sponsors 🙂 x

  • Sounds like you had a great June, and congratulations on 1000 followers that’s amazing! I’m loving all your food/baking posts 😀

    Emma x

    Writing Essays With Wine

  • i cannot even deal with how beautiful all our pics are on your blog!!! congratz on hitting 1k followers 🙂 xx

    juli @