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In July I’ve Loved…

July 31st  •  Posted in Favourites

I’m sad July it’s over, it was such a lovely thoughtless month and I secretly liked the rainy weather which has not abandoned us for a day most of the times being that I’m not a huge fan of summer’s Italian heat and was a lot more comfortable in a fresh weather. It was also the month I mostly enjoyed so far this year, full of new things and little adventures, while me and my boyfriend also did one year together which brought a lot of beautiful memories back. Hopefully August will be as nice as July, but now up to this month’s favourites. I rounded up a few things I’m loving lately, so here they are…

{Beauty} I’ve never been a huge makeup fan in summertime and even though it’s being rainy most of the time, it’s still hot so bless the lightweight bases which are my best friends in the hot months. This month I’m loving the Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Moisturiser Sketches On Water* (£37) again, because not only it’s the perfect match for my skin and super lightweight, but it also makes my skin look healthier and glowy, which makes it my skin’s best friend on any dull skin day (and I’m having a lot recently). I’m also rediscovering the eyeliner just recently and I won’t lie, I’m not that good at applying it, but the Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush (£5.99) paired with a good gel eyeliner makes everything super easy.
I’m enjoying so much one of my most recent beauty purchase, the REN Neroli and Rose Gift Set (£15) that I bought in the SpaceNK summer sales last month – I especially love the Neroli duo which is perfect for this time of the year with that fruity summer-y scent! Another body product which is becoming an essential lately is the Little White Lie Wash Off Darker* (£8): even though I’ve never been a last minute instant self tanning products lover, I’m being super lazy lately and always forget to have a serious self tan session before wearing a dress, and this Little White product is really coming handy to have a quick natural looking and never orange tan on those lazy days.
On the skincare front I’m trying to religiously stick to a consistent routine which includes products I already talked about a lot recently, but the one true helpers this month have been the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads (£24.95): to me summer means oily acne prone skin which is never too much fun, and this BHAs soaked pads really did the trick for me this month to keep my acne at bay and my skin looking as matte as possible.

{Life} As I wrote in my second post in my The Food Diary blog series, me and my boyfriend discovered noodles this past month and we are both in love. Between the instant noodles we have tried so far the Nudelsuppe Chinese Recipe from Tiger are one of our favourites! Not to mention we also went on a quest to find some cute chopsticks and we found some only asking at a chinese restaurant – apparently noone sells them here; they are available on here if you’re interested and they’re super affordable, I really love the cute and simple pattern on them but I’m afraid the exact same one is not available anymore, but the others are so pretty as well!
Can we talk for a minute about how cute that Panda Mouse is?! I know, it can look way too childish, but I love pandas and was so happy when my boyfriend bought it for me – it’s super cute and actually quite handy even though I’ve never been used to use a mouse at my laptop.
I will keep you updated on this next one, but we saw McDonald’s is having this promotion here in Italy that every menu + ice cream comes with a super cute ice cream cup freebie, and we decided to go for it. We already have two out of six available and I know this shouldn’t be an excuse to just go to McDonald’s and eat junk food, but they’re super cute and I need to collect them all!

{Fashion} I’m in love with my ASOS Journey Espadrilles (£10) which are the cuter shoes I own with that anchor print but also so comfortable, lightweight and such a steal as well! I learnt I shouldn’t wear them even if it rains though…

{I’ve been obsessed with…}
This kind of breakfasts;
. Rosie’s Spinach + feta pasties;
. Lavender scent;
. Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence album (not that I’ve ever been real fan of any album really, but my boyfriend makes me listen to it on repeat everyday!);
. Orange Is The New Black.

What have you loved this month?

  • Kat

    I love the panda mouse, it’s so cute!!

    Kat x

    • I love it too, super cute! x

  • Chiara The World of Claire

    Quelle coppette gelato sono bellissime, peccato che non vado a McDonald, le avrei volute collezionare *-*

    • Sì sono carinissime!

  • Great post and I LOVE your new blog design x

    • Thank you Heather! x

  • Lauren Wilkinson

    Wow the Ren gift set looks amazing. Beautiful photos 🙂 Lxx

    • Thanks Lauren! The REN set is such a good deal! x

  • I’ve been dithering over whether or not to buy the RT silicone liner brush since it came out and i think i’m just going to have to add it to my shopping list! you have a lovely blog layout, I’m a new follower & I found you through the bbloggers chat 🙂
    xo kirsty

    • Thank you!
      The RT liner brush is such a good purchase in my opinion, makes applying the eyeliner so easy and it’s super cheap as well! x

  • Amy Williams

    I LOVE the look of Peter Thomas Roth Skincare! Always wanted to try the range, may have to pick some up soon!