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The Food Diary | 2

July 20th  •  Posted in Food

A few weeks ago I started the The Food Diary blog series which also was one of my all times favourite posts to write and plan, and being that me and my boyfriend had the opportunity to cook and bake literally what we wanted for a week, I thought this was the perfect week to document and so here it is what we ate…


One of the recipes I’m most proud of how they turn out when I bake is this Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes so this was the first recipe on my list of dishes I wanted to bake for my boyfriend this week. They are a bit of a pain because they have to bake for a super long time, but they came out perfect and my boyfriend loved them so much that we finished the whole baking tin in one time. If you haven’t ever tried some au gratin potatoes, you have to give these a try, they are super simple to be prepared but super delicious and tasty!


Sometimes all we wanted was a fresh and light summer dinner and this was the case: we went for some hard-boiled eggs (of which I’m definitely a fan), some fresh melon and those delicious premade vegetable sticks which were one of the best discovery of these past two weeks.


We became noodles fan. We never tried them before but we saw some at our grocery store and thought they could be perfect for when we wanted a quick dinner/lunch. We tried them and immediately became fans, so much that we went back and bought some others and also decided to try some curry noodles from Tiger and not to mention we went on a quest for some cute Chinese chopsticks and found them as you can see. Noodles were definitely the #1 best food discovery of the week!


I’ve always been a couscous fan since a year ago when I discover it at first, but my boyfriend never tried it and I couldn’t wait to cook it for him. I always go for the vegetarian option with tofu and vegetables (mainly peppers, leek, onion and zucchini) and spices, but this time I had to fend with what we had at home, but it turned out delicious anyhow! There’s not a recipe for this, I literally improvise every time and follow the instruction on the back of the couscous packaging, that’s all!


After trying my Whole-Wheat Pizza Muffins we both are becoming fans of salted muffins and decided to try a new recipe, very similar to my original one, but with feta and zucchini, which are two of our favourites ingredients. Feta and zucchini complemented very well together and they turn out super delicious even though we were not that sure about the baking time. One thing that I’ve always found with these salted muffins is that they taste way better the day after.


We saw Rosie’s Spinach + feta pasties video recipe together a few weeks ago and thought they had to taste delicious. As I said we love feta cheese, so we just went for them. They’re not that difficult to prepare as they may sound, but they taste incredible! I was so happy on how they turned out that I decided to bake them again for some guests and they definitely made a good impression on everybody even on who didn’t ever like spinach on their own. The second time they were even better even though I think I need a third time to make them perfect!


When I came across this recipe I was all about it and had to give it a whirl immediately. I can’t lie, it was a mess and in the end we had batter all around the kitchen even on the floor, but it was totally worth! This completely vegan and gluten free fudge batter made the perfect snack for a lazy Friday afternoon, and probably it could turn out even better and smoother, but it was nice to leave some crunchiness all around.

  • I’m hungry right now. I really want to have a bite of everything you showed us! They all look so tasty and delicious!


    • They all were super delicious! x

  • What a wonderful food post!!! I love that you’ve just discovered the amazingness of ramen & noodles. I’d stay away from the instant ramen as much as possible (even though I just ate one today) since your body really can’t digest it, BUT the fresh ones in the frozen section at an Asian grocery store are much better for you to consume. You’ll find that those ingredients are like…flour, salt, water vs. enriched wheat flour, sodium, *insert really long organic chem words that mean nothing to the general population that has never taken ochem, but know it’s probably not that great for you*. You can get really creative with the noodles that require some boiling (not in a package with soup base, just like…in a similar package to pasta) whether it’s adding eggs (yes, you must try this) or veggies or tofu or whatever else strikes your fancy. You can enjoy them hot or cold too! I’M SO SORRY for rambling about noodles. I’m kind of a noodle queen haha because my best dishes are all noodle dishes. 🙂

    COUSCOUS! I love it too! The texture, the flavor, mmm. It’s wonderful. Glad that your boyfriend had his first taste of this with you behind the wheel. Everything looks so great, especially the recipe you’re most proud of: those potatoes.

    I’ve never seen or had vegetable sticks before! They’re like…veggie fish sticks I presume & that’s amazing! I must try to make those myself. I love that stuff.

    • Actually thank you so much for all your suggestions! Will definitely try to eat healthier noodles and play with them & my cooking creativity. I’m soo curious to try them cold as well 🙂

      I love couscous so much, it’s my favourite summer lunch! x

  • Carrie Haworth

    Oh my god I need to try everything!


    • You really do, it all was delicious! x

    • You really do! Everything was super delicious! x