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Bring the gym at home

August 30th  •  Posted in Health

I’m not even close to be the most fit person out there, and I started to be consistent with my workouts only recently, but I do have a good motivation but am not heading to the gym at the moment. I’m trying to stick to a strict routine of working out everyday at home on my own, and if one thing is for sure is that I’m no expert at all, but since I believe a lot of people might struggle with going to the gym whether it’s about money, time or anything else, and since I’ve found a few interesting ways to work out at home, I thought to write down a little list of useful thing if you were thinking of starting working out at home by your own…


You can find a lot of resources online for free to be uses to help you working out at home and by your own and build a solid routine that works fine with your body, whether you’re a beginner or not. I personally love Fitness Blender on YouTube, they have the best fitness videos, easy to follow but very complete and you can literally find everything you need there to build an effective routine based on your own goals. I do love some yoga and even though you can find some yoga workouts on Fitness Blender, I especially love how every Yoga With Adriene‘s video is structured – she is so good in explaining and following every move with a brief description of how every single part of your body should be placed like, and she really makes it very relaxing, which is what yoga should be!

Choosing your own routine must be very personal and build on your own body needs and goals, but I have a little YouTube Playlist that includes a few of my favourite workouts that I tried a few times and really enjoyed, and you should also really check out the recent Free 5 Days Challenge from Fitness Blender which is pretty tough but made me feel pretty good when I finished it last week! Will definitely give it a few others whirls in the upcoming future!


There are a lot of apps out there that are really helping me through this whole working out at home experience, and my number one favourite must be the MyFitnessPal app which is really helping me keeping all the calories I eat and burn written down in one place and all under control so that I never eat too much calories or that I actually eat enough too. This is great for losing weigh but being such a perfectionist I really do need to see all the calories listed down and this app makes it such an easy task. Another super useful app is Runtastic: I’m not really the kind of person that likes to go out for a run, but I do have some bicycle and walk moments now and again especially when the weather is nice and I don’t feel like working out inside. It tracks your route, the distance you run and how many calories you are burning and it pairs amazingly with the MyFitnessPal app! Another one I like is a good  workout timer app like this one which is coming pretty handy when I want to build my own routine and need someone to say the time it’s over, when I have to rest and when to re-start again.

Also if you find difficult to drink enough water, I really love the Waterlogged app which keeps your water intake on track all the day everyday. I always need to drink more water than I actually do, but this is a really helpful and motivating app, it makes it a lot easier, that’s all!


One thing I always struggled with was finding some determination to work out with consistency, and if you have such an issue, this post explains why I work out in details and how I keep my motivation alive. Something I find it’s pretty helpful when it comes to push my body to its limits, is to be distracted: music or TV series are my workout best friends, but this is also the reason why I much more prefer following a pre-build and live explained routine – I have someone to follow and really rarely get bored because I try to pick not too mechanical workouts.

Something else I find really helpful is to work out everyday at the same pre-established hour; this way I can’t really forget about it. Working out in the latest hours of the morning is my best bet as my body is more active and I’m always a lot more motivated – and it’s nice to think I’ll have a healthy delicious meal right afterwards. However I know a lot of people can’t actually find the time to workout in the morning, but it’s all up to you and to find your own routine that fits with your work or schedules.

Sometimes determination can be found in a beautiful landscape to admire during your run/walk/bike ride. If I can have a beautiful surrounding to see, I always much more prefer going out for a walk than stay stuck at home. Beautiful views make the best workouts in my opinion!

Sometimes motivation can’t be found so easily and those times it’s really difficult to go out or get up from the couch and do something fitness related, especially when you’re in a bad mood, but what I try to do is to do something easier but always do something and never stay still there which is not good for my body at all. I also allow myself to have a day off if I really need it, but not more than one or two per week!

These were a few little tricks I’m finding pretty handy when it comes to workout at home…
Do you have other tips to share?


A Day Trip in Milan: Ice Cream Please!

August 28th  •  Posted in Lifestyle


A few more pictures from our most recent day trip to Milan that we had exactly one week ago. As I said in the first post about this day trip, we were not lucky enough to find Brera’s California Bakery open (I was really craving a piece of cake and was very disappointed when I found out it was closed) so we decided to go for some delicious ice cream from Amorino while my boyfriend got a lemon iced water as always! I love walking down all the little streets in Brera, it’s seriously my favourite place in Milan!

Also here are some other pictures from Parco Sempione!

Look at this little family!

A Day Trip in Milan: Sunflowers

August 27th  •  Posted in Lifestyle


I’ve noticed you enjoy reading about little day trips like this and since I particularly enjoy sharing my pictures and what I do, this is another mainly illustrative post but a lot of more pictures are coming your way later this week (just so you are not plagued by a lot of pictures all at once and also because this way I can spare the best bit for another post, ha! You curious?!). We headed to Milan again last week and we had the best time! One thing with Milan in August is that it’s completely filled with tourists but there’s not so many italian people going around (which is bad because when you wonder around in your own city with a bunch of tourists all around, you’ll be asked for directions for sure!) but this also means a lot of cool Café and places are closed which is not fun but it’s the perfect excuse to go and wonder around the rare green spaces around the city.

Someone of you might remember on our first anniversary day we hoped to have a day like this, but the weather was very poor and we couldn’t hit up Parco Sempione, but this time we made up! Also they have this super cool wheat field with sunflowers and other little plants going on in the middle of the city and I just wish they will be able to spread this out across the city and make it a permanent thing. And no… I didn’t pick my dress because of the flowers…