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Making Plans Together…

August 20th  •  Posted in Home


Don’t know about you but one of the things I love to do is going for an Ikea trip and this is not something that happens really often but last weekend we headed there for the last summer sales day (it was due, you know what I mean!) and we literally ended up to spend our entire afternoon there until the closing time – it’s just that they have cakes and ice creams and orange juice and free swedish coffee in their dining area, so…

Needless to say we bought stuff, very nice stuff I’m so pretty excited about, but one thing I really love about our Ikea trips is that as soon as we start soaking up the atmosphere of every single kitchen / living room / bedroom, we start seeing ourselves in a foreseeable future living in some of that furnitures, we start making plans, talking about what we love and see which tastes we share and which ones not, we start dreaming about a future together, a home for ourselves and every single second we spend in there is all about us and our relationship growing a lot, which might sounds stupid to some of you, but sometimes what really makes a relationship stronger is sharing dreams and plans together and to me those really are the best moments and memories I love to go back to when I think of how we are growing together as a couple.

Something nice we also so sometimes is simply buy something that we both know will come with us in our home in the future, little investments that might sound so overstated but have so much value to me and to our relationship. It means we’re constantly conscious we’ll live together at some point, that we both believe in a future to be shared with each other and somehow those very little investments and plans bind us deeply and more and more every single time, and make a future together much more close.

But up to the interesting stuff now, here’s a list of what we bought from our last trip to Ikea! Sometimes you just find the most amazing deals there…
SODA Drinking Straws | SOMMARFINT Drinking Straws | DRÖMMAR Baking Cups | FLÄCKIG Jug | FÄRGRIK Mug in Orange & Turquoise | KNALLA Foldable Umbrella in Grey/White (his) & Red/White (mine) | GURLI Throw | Mousepad with leaves print
+ Measuring Spoons from Tiger

  • My partner will never come to Ikea with me we have been once in the past 5 years and the experience didn’t go down well with him. Trying to talk him in to taking me again

    Carrieanne xx

    • Hope you can make he change his mind because a trip to Ikea together can be such a beautiful experience! x

  • I’ve nominated you for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’ Check it out here: xx

  • I was at Ikea the other week buying things for leaving home to go to university. So exciting! Love a good old Ikea trip 🙂

    Eilidh xx

  • I absolutely love Ikea I hardly actually buy anything but could spend the whole day there I didn’t know the coffee was free?! I looove the meatballs and this has made me want a long overdue trip xxx

    • We have free swedish coffee in Italian Ikeas with their Ikea Family card! Don’t know if they do it everywhere though! x

  • I spend an awful lot of time discussing what will be in our first place together, there is nothing better than bonding over shared love for pieces for the home as it makes everything feel so secure. Of course Ikea is excellent for this as well, those cakes can’t help but make you take time out of shopping! x

    • I love planning our future together, makes everything feel a lot more concrete! x

  • I love a good Ikea day out. It’s so cheap and the food is INCREDIBLE!! I could happily eat there once a week
    x tink x

    • Ah yes me too but don’t know if it would be that healthy! Ahah! x

  • I love IKEA and luckily so does Ben. We used to go to one in Moscow, Russia quite a bit, but now we have to drive all the way to Seattle to visit it. And we did this summer 😀

  • Lauren

    I love looking through the Ikea website, and making wishlists from there. Everything is so amazing!

    Lauren –

  • I’ve only been to ikea once, and I am pretty sure I got lost lol! Before my husband and I moved in together we would always dream and talk about a future home, I agree that it really does bring you two together 🙂


    • Talking about the future is one of the nicest things I think x

  • Thanks for leaving me a link to your blog- the name was enough to intrigue me! What a beautiful blog you have here 🙂 I think I’ve only ever been to Ikea twice in my life, but everyone always finds such great things there so I think I too am due a trip! Jennifer x

    • Thanks Jennifer!
      Yes, Ikea has the most inexpensive but lovely pieces! x

  • My boyfriend and I do the same thing at Ikea and I love it. Dreaming about our future lives and home is one of my favourite things and it’s even better when you can do it together x

    • I totally agree, plus it make your relationship grow a lot! x

  • Cathryn Daws

    Buying homeware together is just lovely. Although I’m lucky that my Mr doesn’t care to much about what things look like so I get overall say haha! Living together is wonderful though!

    • Ah lucky you! But I think my boyfriend quite like what I like so I’m pretty happy! x

  • Ikea always makes a good trip, usually we go with something in mind but end up buying a bunch of things that we are sure we need yet can’t come up with a use for just yet. It’s nice to talk about the future, for us, it’s all about what we will sell and what we shouldn’t buy because we have to move again in a few years.