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Mini Goals | August

August 13th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

I’m a bit late with this month’s mini goals (again) but not that late as last month so it’s fine! I’m actually collecting a few little goals for this month recently and this time they’re really mini and easy to accomplish but hopefully this will mean that I’ll be able to tick them all off by the end of this month – and this will surely make me feel a lot satisfied!

Buy a proper to-do list – At the moment I’m working as a creative, managing my blog design shop and this blog, and I have lots of cute little notebooks where to write down any ideas or thoughts I have to remember, but the truth is that what really comes handy to me are to-do lists since I usually simply write down post or design ideas or things I need to get done by the end of the week, and notebooks don’t give me the feel of being that organized. I need a little space where to write down things and tick them off when they’re done, so it’s finally time to invest in a cute and handy to-do list and hopefully this will help me to stay a lot more organized and properly see what I need to do all neat and listed down in one place only.

Invest in some new work out clothes – I try and work out a lot more recently which makes me really proud of my consistency, however I would really love to have some proper work out clothes that fit me nice being that the only ones I own at the moment are years old and not that comfy at all. I think investing in new sport clothes will make a lot of good to my motivation and will push me to be even more consistent – because I love wearing new comfy clothes especially if they’re cute!

Start saving – I know this seems not to go that well with the previous two goals of this month, but I really need to start saving some money for any upcoming future plans and projects. This goes along with last month’s goals of starting to spend on a pre-established budget and I’m trying to only invest in things that can actually really come useful and avoiding every not needed extra treat for the moment. It doesn’t even seems that hard at all but I always find something “I need” and really need to start to see what is useful and what is unnecessary instead. So I promise I’ll stay away from any % off or sale newsletter mail I’ll receive in the next future!

What are your goals for August?

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