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Oat & Cocoa Healthy Bars

August 8th  •  Posted in Recipe

As I mentioned in my July Goals, one thing on top of my goals list is to try to eat a lot more healthier at least five days out of seven a week, and as soon as I decided to start a healthier regime, I started testing and trying new healthy recipes which are really making me feel all renewed every lunch and dinner, but I still had a vacancy on my afternoon snack which always ended up to be the least healthy meal out of the whole day. I remember to have tried this cocoa and oat healthy bars last year though, and so I decided to give them another go: I forgot how yummy and refreshing these were, such a delicious snack without leaving you feeling guilty at all being that they’re healthy and light!
For 6 Oat & Cocoa Healthy Bars you’ll need:
For the base
. 11 tbsp Pure Oatbran
. 4 tbsp skimmed milk powder (you can also use non dairy milk powder)
. 6 tbsp water
. 1 tbsp brown sugar (optional)
For the cream
. 2 tbsp soft cream cheese
. 3 tbsp brown sugar
. 3 tbsp skimmed milk powder
. 1 tbsp water
. 4 tsp cocoa powder
This recipe is super simple and doesn’t require any baking but you have to allow a few half an hours to get a solid and compact bar. Start with the base by mixing the oat bran with the skimmed milk powder, the water (which will melt down the milk powder and give that sticky texture) and the brown sugar which is totally optional. You will obtain a sticky mixture; take a rectangular baking tin (or any other rectangular container you have) and line it with some cling wrap film (which will help to extract and remove the bars), then start placing the base of your bars at the bottom of the tin, creating a long rectangular shape; help yourself with a fork better than a spoon to flat it down to around 1/2 inch thick. Place the tin in the freezer for half an hour, meanwhile start with your cream by mixing all the ingredients together until you have a nice creamy texture without lumps. After half an hour take your tin out of the freezer and place your cream on top of the base you created trying to create a thick but even layer. Now place the tin in the freezer again for at least 1 hour and not more than 2 hours, it will thicken and make your bars solid and easy to cut. Once ready, pull the tin out of the freezer, extract the bar by pulling the cling wrap film upward, remove it and place the big bar on a clean surface, then start cutting six bars out of it. Keep them in the fridge for up to 3 days.
They really make the perfect refreshing and healthy summer snack! And yet they’re so delicious.
Will you try this recipe?
  • Emily Muscat

    Mmm these look so good! I’m trying to be healthier too so I am definitely going to give these a go! Good idea putting them in the freezer to speed up the setting time, I’m always forgetting to do this and I end up waiting forever for things to set in the fridge!

    Emily from

    • They are super easy and the whole process is not super long either! Hope you like them x

  • I’m not a fan of oat but this makes me wanna have some. lovely recipe, would definitely give it a try soon. x

    • Me neither but oat is good for our body and I think this is a delicious way to eat some! x

  • I love super simple recipes like this! And if it’s healthy, than I’m all for it 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Glad you enjoyed! Hope you like them x

  • Be

    This looks incredibly decioussss!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    • They truly are! x

  • They look really good! Thought they were millionaires slices at first but very happy to see they’re healthy! Thanks for the idea 🙂 xx

    • Not at all, they much more taste and look like ice cream bars to me, but they’re healthy! x

  • These looks really good 🙂 I can also do with more afternoon snack choices!

    • They are delicious, hope you give them a whirl! x

  • India Benjamin

    These look wayyyy to good to be healthy! I’d love to try them, I’m eating healthier too 🙂

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens