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Posts from August 2014.

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Things that make my feel renewed

August 22nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

A little list of things that always make me feel refreshed and renewed both body and soul wise:

. Cleaning;
. A hot/fresh shower (according to the time of the year);
. Exercise;
. Healthy meals;
. Refreshing skin mists;
. A new hair cut;
. Hot baths;
. New clothes;
. My cleansing routine (especially in the evening);
. Iced drinks;
. Freshly washed linen and towels;
. Pijamas;
. Fresh flowers;
. That moment when I finish to exercise;
. A clean good smelling tidy room;
. Freshly washed hair.

What about you?


3 WAYS TO: Fresh & Quick Summer Meals

August 22nd  •  Posted in Recipe

As much as I love baking and cooking, I just can’t stand the heat in summertime and being in the kitchen for hours on a hot summer day is not nice at all to me. This is why I’m trying everyday to come up with some quick, healthy, easy and fresh meals to eat at lunch when I don’t really want to boil some water for no reason. So here is a little selection of fresh summer meals I like to put together on those days…

This is actually the only meal that really requires some baking but nothing crazy and it’s very worth so it’s just fine! This Soda Bread comes from this recipe from Rosie and it’s very quick and easy, no long waitings for it to rise and very easy to accomplish a good texture on the outside and inside, plus it’s seriously so delicious! Paired with some guacamole it was amazing, and I really do love some guacamole all year around but especially in summertime when avocados are very good ripe and they make the most creamy and nice texture out of your guacamole; I’ve not a specific recipe for it, I simply blend my avocado with some tomatoes, salt, chili pepper, spices to taste until I decide that’s the flavor I want to go for. It might sounds like a poor meal but it actually is very complete with that dairy flavor of the bread which is also very consistent and thick, and the fresh fruity texture of the guacamole which I can never stop eating (and so it really makes this a fulfilling luch, I can assure you!).


I shared the recipe of my favourite summer salad last week on here and this one is very similar to that original salad I always like to go for, but this time I try and adapted it to what I had in my kitchen cupboard and since I had no cheese, I replaced it with some avocado cubes (yes, I love avocado) which gave the salad a nice fruity touch and some more texture, and added in some sesame seeds as well, as I think they pair amazing with all the other flavors that were going on in there! I love the croutons and how they make the salad a very complete dish without making it too heavy in the slightest.


This is a classic, I know, but I so much love the combination of flavors of tuna and mayo between two slices of a whole wheat toasted sandwich bread. It evokes so many fresh summer-y feelings with the fish flavor but in a fresh and quick meal that would be great for that picnic I’m still planning! No recipe is required here, just toast your bread and place some mayo and tuna in between, that’s all, but it really is delicious and fresh and summer-y, which make so perfect for it to fit between my favourite summer meals!

What about your favourite fresh & quick summer meals?


Making Plans Together…

August 20th  •  Posted in Home


Don’t know about you but one of the things I love to do is going for an Ikea trip and this is not something that happens really often but last weekend we headed there for the last summer sales day (it was due, you know what I mean!) and we literally ended up to spend our entire afternoon there until the closing time – it’s just that they have cakes and ice creams and orange juice and free swedish coffee in their dining area, so…

Needless to say we bought stuff, very nice stuff I’m so pretty excited about, but one thing I really love about our Ikea trips is that as soon as we start soaking up the atmosphere of every single kitchen / living room / bedroom, we start seeing ourselves in a foreseeable future living in some of that furnitures, we start making plans, talking about what we love and see which tastes we share and which ones not, we start dreaming about a future together, a home for ourselves and every single second we spend in there is all about us and our relationship growing a lot, which might sounds stupid to some of you, but sometimes what really makes a relationship stronger is sharing dreams and plans together and to me those really are the best moments and memories I love to go back to when I think of how we are growing together as a couple.

Something nice we also so sometimes is simply buy something that we both know will come with us in our home in the future, little investments that might sound so overstated but have so much value to me and to our relationship. It means we’re constantly conscious we’ll live together at some point, that we both believe in a future to be shared with each other and somehow those very little investments and plans bind us deeply and more and more every single time, and make a future together much more close.

But up to the interesting stuff now, here’s a list of what we bought from our last trip to Ikea! Sometimes you just find the most amazing deals there…
SODA Drinking Straws | SOMMARFINT Drinking Straws | DRÖMMAR Baking Cups | FLÄCKIG Jug | FÄRGRIK Mug in Orange & Turquoise | KNALLA Foldable Umbrella in Grey/White (his) & Red/White (mine) | GURLI Throw | Mousepad with leaves print
+ Measuring Spoons from Tiger