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Pamper Time!

August 18th  •  Posted in Beauty

It doesn’t happen that often that I close the bath door and indulge in some me (and only me) time but recently I’m feeling pretty stressed and bad mood is always around the corner and when my body feels physically tired all I really want is some pamper time. You know when you buy all those very expensive bath products that you feel guilty to use up and keep there for those special moments? This is what I’m talking about. I’m not one that can really sit down and relax for a couple of hours even those times, but I like to have that proper half an hour for myself once in a while and completely forget about anything else – and I really find being able to have some quality me time can be so good for my body and soul!


This is maybe the only pamper thing I actually do on a regular basis (read: once a week), but since my pamper time always starts with a bath or shower (shower most of the times), a good exfoliation is needed. I’m building this weird love affair with any scrub from & Other Stories and after trying and loving their Sugar Crush scrub, I’m now pretty much obsessed with their Equatorial Dreams offering and please do yourself a favor and go ahead and stock up on this one now that’s on sale because you can’t say no to a deliciously scented and good quality body scrub for only £3! This is one of those products that smell very intense, so much that it totally fills the bath with its amazing and tropical scent every time I use it in the shower – and this is what makes a good pamper product. Plus this is even more exfoliant than the others I tried from them, so if you’re looking for soft limbs, you can’t go wrong!

Not to mention the tropical orchids scent pairs so good with the floral rose scent of the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash which has a spicy and warm scent that compliments so well the freshness of the scrub. I believe I found out how heaven smells like…

When you say ‘Pamper Time’ I think about face masks and I’m not even one of those who like to wait 20 minutes per mask and relax in the meanwhile, but I do love a good face mask combo, especially when it’s quick and doesn’t involve thoughts that fly away too much freely. To me it’s not about thinking, laying and relaxing, it’s just about having time for myself and nothing else really and this is why I love when you can get on with stuffs when you’ve a face mask on. The combo of the moments is Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Mask + Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cream Mask and that’s exactly as it sounds: I pair a detox, dehydrating, oil absorbent mask with a moisturizing, rich and nourishing one, and that’s because my skin is very oily in summertime and I hate it so much!, and that S&G is really good at getting rid of all that excess oil, but it’s also very dehydrating and I always feel the need of re-incorporate some (good and not annoying) moist in my skin right after, and this is why I go for the Jurlique offering, which not only is very hydrating (and will be quite good for dealing with drier skin in wintertime) but smells adorably as well (it totally smells like this beauty). It takes only 20 minutes for both of them (5+15) and I’m always left with soft hydrated but not oily nor sticky skin, which is quite amazing if you ask me…


As I said I’m not a fan of laying down when waiting for a face mask to work, I much more prefer being busy with something else always focusing on myself, so this is the time when I mess around with nail polishes and other girly stuff, but what I can’t forget recently is moisturise the rest of my body because I don’t ever do it and it really needs some attentions. Nope, it’s just that I have bought this Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Soufflé Body Crème because… who would say no to smelling like a creme brulee?! And I just want to apply it every single time, especially if I have an evening pamper session because I love how my pjs and bed linen smell for days after I get inside of them with this on. This is the answer if you’re pretty lazy when it comes to moisturise your body like I do, no joking!

What do you like to do when you decide to have some ‘me time’?

  • Been wanting to try No Clogs Allowed x

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  • Home pampering is the BEST I never knew how good No Clog Allowed were until I ran out & then I was like HELP bad skin! Seriously so good xxx

    • It’s really good! I always feel like my skin needs it once a week or it will miss it! x

  • I can never just sit & wait for things to sink in either! I have a sample of the Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée – I’ll have to get it out! Xx

    • I’m such an active person that I can’t even think ‘I lay there for 20 minutes and do nothing meanwhile’! 20 minutes?! No, thanks! x

  • De-stressing is so important. It’s fun to do it yourself with a little home pampering. :] // ☼