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Why to stay on Blogger

August 15th  •  Posted in Blogging

More and more bloggers decide to make the big step of switching from Blogger to either WordPress or Squarespace everyday. More and more bloggers post about how to migrate to another platform and why you should really do it. I started on Blogger and still have a Blogger blog and have always thought Blogger has its big big limits but only recently I could actually see how it’s still pretty versatile and so decided to stick with it until I will actually really need something more. So I thought to write down a few points on why staying on Blogger isn’t always a bad idea…


Blogger is the way to start for a reason and it’s because it very easy to manage, to understand where and what to do to simply write, add pictures and customize your blog as you like. For this reasons I think Blogger is so appropriate for beginners but not only them, since as you start becoming more expert, you can really start to enjoy it and customize your blog completely which to me is one of those things that come first.


Other platforms can have their several pros, but they come with a price and we all know it. With WordPress you have to pay a web hosting service as well as your own domain to have complete control over your blog, while with Squarespace you still have to pay a fee per month. Blogger is free but again you can get so much out of it either with your posts as well as your blog’s HTML which is almost completely customizable.


I think one problem with Blogger blogs is that all those minimal templates seems to look the same after a while and a no expert with HTML and CSS and other coding stuff can be penalized sometimes. However there are a lot of resources online for getting a more unique blog, one of them is Xomisse Blog which is full of beautifully explained and easy to follow HTML tutorials (and not only that…) that help you to do anything really. Or you can still select a blog designer you trust or you find that does more unique works and hire him to get a beautiful template. Forget the scheme of the basic Blogger “Simple Template” rule: your blog can really go so much different from that, it can seems it isn’t a Blogger blog anymore, so find the good blog designer that can actually do that for you.


Maybe turning your Blogger blog into a SEO ready blog can be a little bit more difficult than if you’re on WordPress (but I actually don’t really know) and you can be more limited with it, but you can still optimize your blog and make it SEO friendly and even simply buying a template that is SEO ready can be a good start.


Sometimes people migrate to Squarespace or WordPress just to have a responsive and mobile friendly design of their blog, but you can do it on Blogger as well and you can really customize it as you like. Again try to go for the designer that can bring you also a responsive Blogger design and that would do the trick.

I know WordPress has a lot of amazing plugins that make things a lot easier and it must be the heaven for someone like me that works with HTML, JavaScripts and CSS for having all that freedom to create. I know sometimes you would love to have a flawless looking slideshow in your homepage that works wonders and have the coolest fading effects on it, or that on Blogger you can’t have your own rating system (but you can still have your Like Button actually) or customize all the different pages with a different HTML, but what I want to say is that I actually don’t earn anything with my blog at the moment and that’s not even in my plans, but I can’t justify to spend some money for my blog I can’t get back through my blog. I do have bought a custom domain and other little things, but am not ready for the investment that another platform can be and I think a lot of you are in my same position, especially small blogs that still have to stand out. Investing in a good responsive and SEO friendly Blogger design can be a lot cheaper and easier than migrate, and for now I think it’s just fine for me to stay here on Blogger and continue to experiment with it (because there’s so much to learn and nothing is really impossible on here as well!). It just works fine with me at the moment and this doesn’t mean it will work for everybody, but maybe a lot of you can still find some pros in a Blogger blog as I do. It’s all about priorities!

I might will migrate to WordPress in the future, but it’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future and hopefully I was able to bring a little more information on Blogger blogs and dispel a few myths with this post.

What is your thought about migrating to another platform?

  • daisy walters

    I think I’ll always stay on blogger. It’s so easy and another thing, I will not comment of blogs that need me to fill in loads of info (a lot of wordpress blogs do that!!). It’s the most annoying thing in the world.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    • I don’t find the WordPress comment form that long to be filled in – think that you use a HTML code to leave your blog link at the end of every comment of yours while there you need to leave the link of your blog and your name. However I think disqus is always the better option when it comes to comments! So easy and universal 🙂

  • hi,
    I just made the switch to a wordpress platform and I kinda wish I hadn’t. It is VERY complicated and so far I am not really seeing the benefit. Somedays I wish I had stayed on Blogger.

    • I think WordPress has a lot of pros and you can do a lot of thing that with Blogger can be a bit difficult, but I also think you really need to get used to it before seeing where are those pros!

  • I’m a big fan of blogger too, it’s easy to use and customise and does everything I want at the moment.

    • I’m totally with you, there’s no need to make the change if you’re happy with what you have! x

  • I still have no idea how to many my blog seo friendly, but I agree with everything you said! I used to think blogger was just for beginners, but a lot of big bloggers actually started from there and then just bought their own domain…so I think I will stick with blogger! And thanks for typing up this amazingly detailed post 🙂

    • Thank YOU for reading this!
      There’re so many things to learn about Blogger and it’s not only for beginners, really!

  • I’m not great with tech stuff and I find Blogger easy to use, so I’m sticking with it! I really enjoyed reading this post 🙂 xx

    • Glad you liked it! x

  • I definitely think i’ll be staying on blogger for a while, it’s just so easy! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • As long as you find it does everything you need, I think it’s fine to stay! x

  • I quite enjoy blogger as it is. I would like to make more of an effort with the design and such, I plan, that’s more about time than anything. I think it’s great to hear about the pros and cons of different things and it makes a change to discuss blogger instead.

    • Yes, no one ever talks about Blogger’s pros, but it has a lot of them! x

  • I don’t have the technical knowledge to even dream beyond what blogger can do – people talk about having more control on WordPress, but I find Blogger really easy! x

    • WordPress definitely gives more freedom but if you don’t even need it, it’s just fine to stay on Blogger in my opinion! x

  • i actually used to have my blog on wordpress, but switched over to blogger. the reason was actually because i was running out of domain space (at that point i hadn’t occurred to me to just use flickr or something) but also because i wanted something that was less fuss.

    i have my blog looking exactly as i want it (and it’s responsive!) but more importantly i write about what i want ..which should be what you do regardless of whether you’re on wordpress or blogger!

    ps. really like your (new?) layout!

    • I’m totally with you, as long as you can write what you like it’s just fine!

      Yes the layout is new, thank you! x

  • Really enjoyed this post! I recently started playing with my own Blogger template; while it may not be perfect, I am finding t so rewarding to learn how to customize it and have a blog that is 100% my own hard work. And so far it has all been free!!

    • I can definitely get your point, it’s so satisfactory seeing you can build something beautiful with your own hands (this is why I love blog design so much!).

  • Io sono su WordPress da una vita ormai… e non cambierei mai piattaforma!

    • Sicuramente proverò prima o poi, ma per ora sono contenta di quello che posso ottenere con Blogger 🙂

  • Allison

    I honestly can’t afford to switch off of blogger and I frankly don’t need to! bit silly in my opinion unless you are a full time blogger or at least have a TON of traffic
    Allison from

    • I think WordPress has a lot of pros, but yes, if you don’t *really* need to, I don’t see the point to migrate! x

  • Interesting to read this as I literally just moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress this week! I love Blogger and think it’s the perfect place for someone to start a blog and find their foothold in the blogging world. I use WP daily for work, so I have become quite knowledgeable on it and felt comfortable making the move. I think it would be a lot for someone to start out on. There’s a lot you have to learn and it could be too much when you’re also just learning about blogging.


    • I totally agree, Blogger is easier and the best way to start, but you can literally do much more with it and there’s a lot to learn on there as well. What I like about it is how versatile it can be!

  • I have a blogger and wordpress blog but personally I find wordpress easier, but maybe it’s because I am a dunce when it comes to

    • I don’t know why but when I think of WordPress I just would like to migrate for the freedom of playing with the design, HTML, Javascripts, etc. But probably it’s just me! x

      • I do know exactly what you mean, I have my own domain but going over to self hosted it feels like there’s no support really & I wanted to put ad sense on my blog & it only lets you use ad words for’s really restrictive xx

  • Corinne C

    I switched to WordPress 2 months ago – I think people don’t realise how cheap it is. I only pay £2.99 for hosting a month, it’s nothing really in the scheme of things. And there’s not need to pay to get someone to migrate for you, there is a plug in that will pull all your posts and pictures from blogger into wordpress. Simple 🙂

    It’s easier to do SEO on WordPress because there are plugins you can get to help you and give you information about what factors of your blog post contribute to this. It’s quite handy.

    Corinne x

    • I can see how WordPress can be have a lot of pros and I would love to play with its plugins as well, but as it might be not that expensive, it’s still an investment I think, especially if you don’t earn anything from your blog. I know it’s only £3 a month, but £3x12months is not nothing to me, and Blogger is free, so…

  • Meg Casson

    This post is great, I migrated from WordPress to Blogger a few years ago because Blogger has such a bigger community that gives you a lot more feedback and comments. Well, that is what I have found.

    I am having a POLAROID CAMERA GIVEAWAY! on my blog if you wanted to join in, it’s international! | AUS Fashion/Lifestyle

    • Glad you liked this post! x

  • Jennifer K

    Your blog looks fantastic and shows that using blogger doesn’t hold you back. This was a really interesting post, because having just started out blogging, I’ve seen so many posts about changing to wordpress and wondered if I’d made a mistake and was going to have to change in future. I love blogger for it’s simplicity, and I’m slowly starting to find ways to customise it.
    Jennifer x

  • Lin Lee