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Working out and feeling motivated: Why I do it

August 19th  •  Posted in Health

If you read this blog since a long while ago, you’ll probably know I’ve/am dealing with some health issue in this last period of my life. Without going deep down in details with it, finding myself in first aid two times in three weeks was no fun and it’s something I rather prefer not to redo anytime soon. It felt very bad both times and those were the moments when I start seeing own weak my body is. I needed to take supplements twice a day for a while (and I still do sometimes) before my body re-established to its normality, but yet I wasn’t feeling strong at all and it really sucks when you don’t have complete control over your body.

I’ve never been a workout/gym/sport type of person. The only sport I do actually really enjoy is swimming which is something I’ll go ahead and do as soon as my trusted pool will be re-open in September, but one thing I wanted to do was to start working out regularly and dedicate at least an hour a day on five out of seven days a week to my body and nothing else. To one that has never ever exerciced in her life it is pretty tough at the beginning and there are days when I can’t be bothered and am not really in the mood, but I still try and get up from that chair and dedicate some time to a few simple exercices if I don’t really feel to push too hard that day. It can be annoying sometimes to realize I need to take a step back because my body is not used to it and it’s very weak and it can let itself go anytime really, but this is also an exercise to me to understand my body and when it’s time to do or not to do something.

To somebody working out can be all about weight loss and it is to me as well but not completely, because the main thing that comes with it to me is that my body really feels healthier day after day. I’m still working on building an effective routine that works fine to me and my body, but I can see me coming at that point day after day. I think if you can find a very important reason to workout like being and feeling healthier, it really makes the whole thing a lot easier and to me it really is the number one goal to achieve.

I want my body to feel stronger day after day and if that means I need to work hard every day in order to achieve my body’s health, well I’m totally on it. If you don’t feel motivated at all about working out or going to the gym, just simply try to deeply understand why your body need it and use it as major goal to achieve when you don’t really want to get up from that couch.

What is your motivational goal when it comes to working out?

  • This is a great motivational post, I hope that you start getting better soon hun! I am trying to get into exercise again, I think it really helps mental health which I am struggling with at the moment xxx

    • I think having a workout routine is really helping me getting rid of stress so yes, it can be somehow therapeutic! x

  • Anca

    It is very difficult to find motivation, because everything must come from your head…You must be very determined to live a new healthier life and all comes to making small steps every day. Healthy eating and daily sport 🙂 It will become a routine after a while and it will feel very good. Your goal is a better you!

    • You’re totally right and once you can find a good motivation, it won’t be that difficult to get into a routine anymore! x

  • Allison

    I find motivation SO HARD I’m really bad at keeping to a workout schedule but I’ve finally gotten into a routine over the last month or so which is good!
    Allison from

    • Hope you can keep your motivation alive! x

  • Good for you! It’s great that you think about working out as a way to be stronger and not so much as so many media outlet emphasize how it will make your body look. I was the same as you – I was never athletic but I was concerned about all the preventable diseases that run in my family (diabetes, hypertension…) so I started working out. My motivation was progress. I started seeing changes in my flexibility and strength and that made me really proud of what my body is capable of.

    These days, my workout buddy, my bf, is also a great motivator. He’s so dedicated to it that I can’t help but be inspired to push myself, too.

    • I’d really love to get my boyfriend into working out as well and he is doing his best! It must be so nice to have a motivator 🙂 x

  • Sophie Bolton

    I hope you’re okay hun, I really enjoyed this post 🙂

    • I’m okay now, thank you! Glad you enjoyed x

  • I enjoy exercise, walking mostly, so I take what I enjoy and I use that to get exercise. I take the stairs, I walk to a bus stop further away, we we go places we walk to look around and we walk to the sights instead of taking the bus and metro. I would really like to get into running, but my job is so inconsistent with finishing times. I’m also not a fan of group sports either, or getting up early for a run haha

    • I love walking but being that I work from home I’ve not that many occasions to do it on a regular basis so I’m trying to go for a walk just with the purpose of doing it a few times a week now that the weather is still nice! x

  • Good for you! Motivation is tough, I feel most motivated at university where I live right next to my gym, whereas when I come to visit my parents back home I struggle as I don’t have a gym near by and have to workout at home – home being where a bed, sofa and tv are all instant distractions! Whenever I do workout I feel amazing. I did a hard workout the other day and just felt great afterwards – though my legs still ache so much, but it’s worth it. I find working out helps with my alertness, motivation in general, productivity – everything really! It’s great 🙂 I hope you health continues to improve and you keep the exercise up!

    • I’m trying my best to keep the workouts going on on a daily basis and I’m really enjoying it and feeling better day after day! Working out from home can be tough sometimes but I’m planning to get back into swimming this month as well 🙂 x