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In August…

September 4th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

August was such a nice month to me and I kind of feel like I need to give you a little life update. Something you probably already know is that I started this more controlled and healthier regime, eating cleaner and working out almost everyday which to me is a huge switch from what I was used to do. My month of August was pretty much all about this, but I also had some lovely days out in Milan and at my boyfriend place for a few days and last week we have such a nice time doing things we don’t really usually do like driving to this wonderful garden, going out for a few walks together and exploring the huge green natural spots we had right behind the corner. You’ll see some (a lot of) pictures from last week adventures very soon on here!

Meanwhile you can check my tips I learnt about working out from home here and I’m so happy this post was helpful to some of you! Also I wrote down a little motivational post on how I keep my motivation alive when it comes to work out and why I decided to enter a healthier regime lately (this is a very personal one this time). To go along with those I have shared a few healthy recipes the past month: my favourite summer salad which I love, so delicious but healthy – also, I’ve only recently started adding avocado to the mix and it makes it even better!; I bet you missed my Oat & Cocoa Healthy Bars and if so, you should really fix it because these are the most delicious healthy and guilt-free snack; plus, if you had run out of ideas for quick and easy healthy lunches, I have a whole post full of ideas right here!

One feature I’ve been very proud of is my Why To Stay On Blogger which a lot of you seemed to really like as well: I had thought for a long while about the topic and whether to make the switch to WordPress or another platform myself, but seeing that everyone talks about how you really should do it, I thought someone needed to give some credits to Blogger as well.

I’ve blogged about beauty as well the last month, and my favourite post this time has to be the A Man’s Travel Essentials feature: it was so much fun to have a sneaky peek into my boyfriend’s grooming travel bag and see how a man can be so much more organized than me, also he was so enthusiastic at the idea to try out some products and report back and he loved it! I also shared a few of my favourite products for a pampering session and now that I’m thinking about it, I really need some good pamper time at the moment!

If you want to keep up-to-date with what it has been going on in our life you should really also check out: She Loves Posing (cuteness alert!), Anchor Shoes (Me & Him), Making Plans Together…, our day trip to Milan Part I and Part II, and lastly my August life, beauty and fashion favourites to see which items I’ve been loving lately!

What were you up to in August?


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