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In August I’ve Loved…

September 3rd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

I was so happy about July and sad about letting it go that I didn’t think it was possible for the new month to be as good, but August was so nice and definitely on top of my list of favourite months this year! Last month I said I was secretly enjoying that summer never actually arrived here (or at least not as always) because I love the chillier weather a lot more, but I started needing some sunny hot days by the beginning of August and lucky enough we have been blessed with some sporadic proper summer days now and again this last month, which made wearing a cute dress a nice experience! This time my monthly favourites list is ginourmous, I bought a few lovely picks, was able to try some nice products, but all in all I think when you feel more positive and have a better approach to life, you always end up feeling more passionate about everything around you…

1Harrods Packable Bag | 2. Indian Elephant iPhone Case | 3ASOS Swing Dress in Daisy Mono Print

Let’s start by fashion-ish stuff this time, shall we? As I said, in August we had some days when the weather was pretty appropriate for wearing dresses (finally) and I can’t deny I was interested in sunny days just because I had this amazing ASOS dress waiting for being worn. I’ve already talked about it but this is the number one piece of my summer wardrobe to me, so lightweight and flowy but with character – I always wear it with a belt cinched at the waist to underline my waistline as I find this way it looks way more flattering on me, but I just love the print that pairs amazing with everything and I’m wearing it so much! Also, can we talk about how cute is my new elephant iPhone case? I love little elephants prints and I was so happy to finally be able to find this case for my iPhone, it’s super adorable and good quality too, plus you can get it for almost every phone out there (check them all out here). Something that is coming super handy this past month is my packable shopper that folds into a little rectangle and fits in every small room of my purses and bags – this is so practical when you’re going for some shopping and have only a tiny purse with you, it’s a lot more comfortable to carry around than any other paper shopping bag they give you…

1. O’right Golden Rose Color Care Shampoo* and Conditioner* | 2Paul & Joe Lipstick in Retro (+ mint case) | 3Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray | 4Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Soufflé Body Crème

Beauty-wise, I’ve been lucky to try the O’right Golden Rose line this past month and I have to say I’m completely sold! I love how soft and floral they smell, how nice the shampoo foams up in the hair and leaves it so clean and soft, and how the conditioner feels super hydrating on my locks, plus not only they are organic but the shampoo’s bottle is also 100% biodegradable, which is so cool and ingenious if you ask me! These really are the best organic hair products I tried since when I started using only green ingredients to treat my locks and I can’t recommend them enough! As I said we had some very hot days and when I was out in the sun the little bottle of the Avene Thermal Spring Water was a life savior: a few spritzes of this all over the face (even with the makeup on, because it doesn’t really ruin it in the slightest) made me feel very refreshed and renewed and ready for new adventures. A makeup favourite has to be the Paul & Joe Lipstick in Retro which is part of their Full Pigment line and goes on pretty matte and opaque, with a lovely full nude color that pairs amazing with every outfit. You probably would already know I’m not all that loyal to lipsticks (or lip products in general) but this month I wore it a lot and it was always the first pick when I needed a lip product to carry in my bag (just in case, I guess). Lastly the Laura Mercier Body Soufflé has been my pamper time’s best friend: this smells so deliciously and who doesn’t really want to smell like a walking creme brulee?!

1H&M Home Metal tealight holders | 2Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 G Lens | 3Paiandpear Magnet Note Pad | 4Ikea GURLI Throw

Life favourites, finally! Unfortunately we don’t have H&M Home in Italy, but the italian H&M website finally launched its online shop and we can finally also get everything from the Home section! Needless to say I ordered something as soon as I found out and these little metal tealight holders have to be my favourite pick between my purchases! I especially love the copper one; they’re so tiny but beautiful and such a steal too! My number one favourite this month has to be my new camera lens: I’ve been after this one since a long long while ago and I’m so happy I finally decided to switch from the kit lens to a 35mm one and I’ll never regret the choice! I’m so satisfied with any pictures I take with it and they always look so much better, I can’t suggest it enough if you’re after an inexpensive but good quality lens that gives your pictures that beautiful blur effect! As I mentioned in my August Goals, I needed to buy a proper to-do list and as soon as I spotted this magnet notepad I had to get it: I love to support any creative, artist or illustrator out there especially when they have so many lovely pieces and very affordable price tags, so I didn’t think about it a minute more. I love the design and this can be the perfect grocery shopping notepad to hang to your fridge, really, but I just keep it next to my desk and write down any blog posts ideas I may have. Last favourite for this month has to be my new Ikea throw: soft, beautiful but also so inexpensive! These last summer nights are being pretty chilly and this comes so handy to have at the bottom of the bed or on the couch for snuggling in it while checking my Twitter and Instagram feeds.

What’s in your favourites list this month?

  • I love these posts so much! The photographs are beautiful. And I also wanted to mention that I LOVE your blog template!

    • Ah thank you Evelin! Glad you like them! x

  • Your phone case is so cute!!! The lipstick looks lovely too! I’m not loyal to lip products either! This month I’ve been loving the Makeup Revoloution 32 shadows in Flawless! 🙂

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • I’m in love with the phone case, ahh! x

  • What lovely things! Every single photo is seriously dreamy. I especially love the phone case 🙂

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • Thank you! I love the phone case too, so cute! x

  • The packable bag and phone case is gorgeous, I love the photography xxx

    • Thank you! Love the little elephants too! x

  • Ive been testing out avene! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  • Be

    Everything looks so incredibly lovely!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  • I love the storage bag and phone case!! It’s gorgeous 🙂

    Layla xx

  • That lipstick looks so pretty! I love monthly favorites posts!

    XOXO, Susy

    • It’s such a lovely shade that pairs with everything! x

  • There was a line within your post that highlighted the link between positivity and passion. I could not agree more. 2014, so far, has been an improving year on the end of last year and I am definitely more passionate about the things around me.

    average adventures

    • It’s so true, as soon as you start having a better approach to life you’ll definitely feel a lot more passionate about everything! x