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My Current Workspace

September 14th  •  Posted in Lifestyle


Being that I spend most of my time sitting at a desk and typing codes and words on a daily basis, it feels pretty weird I’m pretty much the only one who didn’t shared her workspace yet. So here is the thing: as much as I would love to own a Pinterest worthy workspace, I don’t have a white wall nor a white desk and I’m not even happy with how my workspace looks all in all, but there is something about it that makes it so me! I think I will change something in the upcoming future, but there’ll be always the time for an update (right?); however this is what it looks like at the moment…



Nope, I don’t have a white wall nor a white desk and not even a iMac or MacBook but I quite like my pc to be honest, and it is serving me well at the moment! Something that I like even more is my Panda Mouse, isn’t he cute?! I haven’t even ever used a mouse at my laptop before, but this is one of those things that make it all much more fun and now I couldn’t go a day without it – it already feels pretty strange scrolling pages with the touchpad. I should have bought him a bamboo mousepad, I know, however I pretty like my burgundy leaves mousepad from Ikea and it was so inexpensive too, such a steal! If you were wondering about my screensaver, it’s called Fliqlo and it’s pretty awesome if you ask me.



I have this thing with my desk stuff that I feel I need every little notebook or cute pen I spot in shops and I actually end up not using them at all most of the times, so I’ve just recently decided I will stick with one notepad until I’ll have used it all up (not sure I’ll be good at that though). I have bought this cute Magnet Note Pad which just looks so nice and it’s perfect for me since I love making lists and a notepad is surely more handy than a notebook for this purpose.

When I’m working at my laptop I’ve always my earphones on mainly because I chat and ask for advice to my boyfriend all the time. I also have a bunch of pencils and pens and markers that I use to write down list or do some sketches and that I keep in what should be a cute little planter but which looks pretty good on my desk too (similar here), and if you were wondering my little hanging tealights lantern is from Ikea again, whilst my beloved little mug is from Sass and Belle!



Something that is a must-have when you’re a creative, whatever you do, is an inspiring atmosphere around your workspace – or at least this is what helps me! That being said, sorry if there’s coffee in my ‘Tea Makes Everything Better’ Mug but I picked it up when I had a huge tea obsession (not that I don’t right now) but recently I’m definitely more a coffe kinda-gal and you’ll usually find me having a cup of coffee or soy latte pretty much every morning – plus I really enjoy the smell of coffee filling up the room!

Something I’m quite obsessed with are candles (if you haven’t noticed yet) and recently I’m enjoying the scent Diptyque Baies* a lot: I wasn’t quite the fan at first but now I find it so relaxing and inspiring but maybe it’s just because I’m starting enjoying the scent of roses only recently. But let’s talk about the little Metal Tealight Holders I have bought just recently: they’re so inexpensive but super cute and create the best inspiring atmosphere all around.

One thing I quite love is Coffitivity which is such a cool little website that recreate the sounds of a café and you can even pick your favourite sound according to your mood or hour of the day for making it more realistic (even though my #1 favourite is still the Morning Murmur). It really feels like you are in a not too busy but alive chic café typing at your laptop while drinking some fancy cappuccino, whereas you’re only in your room/office instead!

Hope you enjoyed this little tour around my workspace! Let me know which objects or tools help you staying inspired, I would love to know!

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  • Funkyphat

    very very cute details you have! ale sure you do an update when you change it, would love to get inspired by it

    have a lovely day 🙂

  • Lovely photos Giada, as always and such a “cozy” post on a sunday morning! I really love your workspace, exactly because it’s not another Pinterest Board! It is “you”, it has soul, warmth and it reflects your personality! What not to love about it! 🙂 <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • You have a really cute work space!

    Ana Leote

  • Yes, your panda is so cute! Now I want a mouse too…I don’t usually use mine, but I’m thinking I will now because it’s more useful 🙂 And I also want to start using candles to help create a cozy candles! Thanks so much for sharing your workspace 🙂

    Every Day In Grace

  • Allison

    The pictures of this post are KILLER!! I don’t even have a work space so yours looks pretty beautiful to me 😉
    Allison from

  • I love your workspace it’s very natural and ‘real’! I don’t have a mac or a fancy camera etc, but sometimes I see spaces and they look very clinical too white and too crisp! xxx

  • Love your pictures! Your workspace looks very nice and cosy/warm. I feel relaxed just by looking at it!

  • Phoebe Tee

    Your room is lovely, so refreshing to see a space that isn’t completely white and clinical, I’m all about colour and personalisation 🙂
    Phoebe –

  • I love seeing peoples work spaces and yours was not disappointing! All of these pictures are so beautiful.

  • My desk is pale and boring in comparison to this. I think my one at work is more exciting than my home desk haha

  • Your workspace is personal to you and that’s what matters. Sometimes all white is aesthetically pleasing but not all that practical! I also love Coffitivity on the days when I can’t seem to concentrate!

    Danielle ·

  • Valeria Hel Capellaro

    Team No White Desk unite!
    I’d like to have a white, plain, cute surface, but my whole room is wooden (even the ceiling, yeah), so no white surface.
    And I think that these rooms, no identical to every other room on Pinterest, are waaaaay better!

  • Your space is cute and warm. cuter then mine! I love the little things you have on your desk, like your pencil holder! And I really want your mug! Tea makes everything better -> TRUE. Lovely post.