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My Short Hair Haircare

September 8th  •  Posted in Beauty


As much as I love long hair, huge infinite braids and beautiful long curls, I can’t see long hair on me. I’ve already addressed this topic in the past, but as soon as my hair starts to grow a little bit too much over my shoulders I start feeling the need of chopping it all off, so after many many years of trying to grow my hair out, I’ve finally accepted to be a short hair kinda-girl. I can’t see myself in longer hair, and as soon as it starts to grow I totally lose my motivation to keep it nice and style it a bit more, while short hair is lighter, airy, easier to manage and look way better on me!

My haircare routine has always been pretty poor and this is the main reason why I’ve never shared it in the past, but recently I’ve finally found some good products to fill a few gaps in my routine and being that I’ve recently had a new haircut (again… my hair grows so fast! I need to chop it every two months or less!), I can say I’m pretty satisfied with my hair at the moment, so, why not write about how I style and treat my short hair? These products work amazingly with every hair lenght really, but I’m pretty impressed by the amount of volume I can achieve with some of them and my hair being shorter and lighter makes it a lot easier for sure!



I’ve been on the quest for good organic hair products for a long while now and I was pretty happy with some Lavera picks, but as soon as I tried the O’right Golden Rose Color Care Shampoo* and Conditioner* I felt like I’ve found the ones. First of all I love the packaging of these, so beautiful plus the shampoo bottle is 100% biodegradable which is so ingenious, but the products themselves are super nice. I sometimes still need a shampoo specifically thought for oily hair, but these are pretty neutral and don’t build up the oil in the slightest, plus they leave my hair super soft and airy which is all what I can ask! They are thought for coloured hair but are pretty good on my natural hair as well and I love how they give a natural volume and structure to it.

I have thick flat hair and my main priority is always volume, though I’ve given up the hope of having visibly full voluminous hair because it is not going to happen. However I’m being able to enhance my natural hair volume with some hair primers like the Percy & Reed Wonderbalm Hair Treatment, which not only prime your hair but also adds shine, smoothness and moisture – I use it on the ends up to right under my ears -, and the Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer*, which helps a lot with volume, and being so lightweight, I don’t have any issue really at applying it on my oily roots! The latter acts also at protecting my hair from heat and avoid big damages from it. I simply spray it all over my head before blow drying very casually my hair upside down to achieve more volume as possible. This creates a lot of visible volume at the ends but not that much at my roots which are always so difficult to manage, so I also apply the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Styling Spray around my scalp to achieve a little bit more volume, but I’m not super sure about how much it actually does and most of the times I quit this step for avoiding to layer too many products…

Texture, you say?! My hair doesn’t really like it and would stay naturally perfectly straight if I only allowed it to, but I love texture as much as volume and a friend of mine this past years has been the Bumble and bumble Bb Texture, a gel/cream I like to apply in very small tiny amounts on my whole hair length right before blow drying it all. It enhances the soft texture my hair could have if it wanted to, and makes it look a tiny bit more alive than usual, which I really appreciate!



I’ve been a fan of the L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Ever Riche Absolute Oil Spray for a long while now but it’s probably only mainly because of its jasmine scent which is one of my favourite thing ever and I would spray it on my hair on a hourly basis just to be able to always smell it. Plus it gives a very nice natural shine to my hair while softening it as well – I can’t quite complain! I finish it all off with some Alterna Bamboo Beach Sunshine Protect and Shine Spray* that protects my hair from the sun and keep it shiny throughout the day. It smells like candies and I quite love it!

I wash my hair every other day and I try to avoid dry shampoos as I always feel uncomfortable with them, however the Batiste dry shampoos are so lovely, inexpensive but good, that I always have a little stock just in case I’ve not time or can’t be bothered to wash my hair before going out (which happens very rarely, usually when I’m sick, but you know…) and I love their little travel size to keep in my bag for when I have to stay out for two days in a row and I feel my hair is looking way too gross or when I just need some added volume.

Styling short hair can be tricky but sometimes all I do is to give it some shape using a straightener to just slightly curl the ends towards my face, because if you want to look like Keira Knightley you should al least try… and fail. A few hairstyles I love are the followings which are pretty simple but this is how I like it, and involve some vintage hair clips (which were actually stolen by a-younger-version-of-my-mum’s stash), some cool metal hair accessories and big and tiny hair elastics…

  • I’d love to try some more Bumble and Bumble especially the texturising stuff but its really hard to find it here! Your hair looks really healthy!


    • It’s pretty hard to find here too, online shopping is my best buddy! x

  • I’ve had a few years with long hair but I know deep down I’m a short hair girl too! The Percy and Reed Wonderbalm sounds great, I’ve always been really impressed by their products.

    Catherine, xo || Lady Liquor

    • It’s such a lovely product! x

  • I love short hair on you and the quirky clips and plait looks gorgeous!! Redken products are amaazinggg and haven’t tried Bumble and bumble yet I must xxx

    • Ah thank you! I should try a lot more products from Bumble too! x

  • Your hair is so beautiful, I’m glad you shared your routine! I prefer short hair on me too and each time I go shorter and shorter! 😀

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Thank you Diana! I do it too, everytime it looks always too long for my new tastes! x

  • I recently had my hair cut to about this length and I’m having a hard time loving it because of the specific way that it was cut. Your post has given me hope though, even in the form of some retail therapy! Thanks!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    • I think short hair looks great on you too! Glad you liked this post x

  • I’m super lazy with my hair, I just wash it, scrunch it a little with the towel and leave it to dry. I love having short hair for this as it holds some natural curls. When mine’s long, it’s just flat and long haha

    • Mine is the same! I hate it when it’s long! x

  • Thank you for sharing! I love long hair and would one day love to have long hair again, but like you, once it starts to grow out, I tend to cut it. I love how healthy your hair looks and I absolutely love your hair clips!

    Krysti ||