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Twenty Highligths

September 2nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

I’m turing 21 today but I am a little bit sad of leaving my twenty-year-old self behind being that this past year was full of beautiful moments, tough times that evolved in something good, a lot of changes and happy feelings and this is probably the first time I can find positivity in everything that happened to me. So I though to write down a list of twenty things that made me happy when being 20…

1. The feeling of starting a new journey with my new relationship that had just started and all the new feelings that came with it, and the scent of something new coming with the new season and a new life choice (which didn’t turn out to be the best or the one that I wanted, but it was a good feeling…).
2. Being able to wrap and unwrap my boyfriend’s and mine first ever Christmas presents – while freezing in a car! I love picking presents for my loved ones and this was something I waited to do since what it seems forever.
3. Planning a trip together with my boyfriend, my first ever trip by myself, paid with my own money and all planned by us (me).
4. Discovering that planning a trip is very, very exciting and this is not something I ever thought it would be somehow therapeutic to me.
5. That feeling of freedom when you are in another country with someone you love and you don’t have to do anything else than what you want to.
6. Being a tourist.
7. Visiting my city a lot more than I used to and being able to take part to my first blogger event in Milan!
8. Making the best choice for myself, even though it hurt and disappointed someone at first, but realizing it was the choice I needed to do in order to feel good again.
9. Not being forced to do something I didn’t like anymore.
10. Seeing my blog growing a lot during this past year was really one of the best things that happened to me, it makes me feel so proud of my work and all the effort I put in it is always worth.
11. Launching my design shop changed me a lot and it still is something I love doing. I am very proud of what I’ve done so far and what I learnt during the process, which is a lot.
12. That moment when your family starts accepting and understanding your choices after months of being disappointed about them… it was a nice feeling, really!
13. Planning a future in a different country may be somehow unrealistic maybe?, but it’s super exciting and I would love to make the dream come true at some point of my life.
14. Having a boyfriend that supports me in everything I do, literally everything. It makes you a lot more confident.
15. Meeting a new part of what I can now call family.
16. Having the best summer I ever had – I wouldn’t ever imagine it could be possible that me and my boyfriend (which live a long distance relationship) could ever be able to spend so much time together and also alone this summer. This is something that doesn’t really happen that often and feels such a blessing.
17. Seeing our relationship growing everyday and especially comparing it to one year ago really makes me proud of how much we are growing together but also on a personal individual level thanks to each other.
18. Planning a future together… oh, one of the best feelings! I could spend hours talking about how our home would look like or naming our dog, child, and even objects…
19. Seeing new opportunities coming my way.
20. Starting realizing that I need to take care of my body a lot more and entering a new healthy regime made the world of good to my mood and wellbeing.

This is one of the first years when I feel pretty satisfied about everything I’ve done and how things went, and even though I was pretty unlucky this year, had some health issue that worried me a lot, and some big choises to be made, I’m so happy about how everything turned out. And this is a pretty damn good feeling I hope to be able to have for a lot of years to come!

  • Happy birthday darling!

  • Sleek-chic

    Happy Birthday!! Lovely post 🙂 I know what its like to be in a long distance relationship too, those times together you do get are extra special though 🙂 xx

    • Thank you!
      LDRs are hard but so special x

  • Chiara The World of Claire

    Happy Birthday 😉

  • Jess Hayes

    This is such a lovely idea. I too am turning 21 soon! Happy Birthday and I hope you have enjoyed it. Welcome to a new era of your life 🙂 xx

  • Tanti auguri! Lovely post as well 🙂
    Jennifer x

    • Thank you Jennifer! x

  • Happy birthday Giada, I’m wishing you all the best!!! I’m planning the same post for my birthday too, but I’ll be turning 24, so my list will be a little longer! 🙂 This year has been my favourite too! Lots of love and wishes! <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Thank you a lot Diana! x

  • Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day. x

    Amy at Amy & More

    • Thank you Amy 🙂 x

  • Happy BirthdaY! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  • Happy Birthday! An awesome year came to its end but another awesome year is coming for you!

    XOXO, Susy

    • Hope to have another year like this! Thank you Susy x

  • Happy birthday 🙂

    • Thanks Heather! x

  • Happy Birthday! It sounds like you’ve had a great year as a 20-year-old. I hope the following one will be just as good, or even better!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • Thank you so much Mimmi x

  • Happy birthday sweetie, these are all definitely the BEST things I don’t know if I could do long distance after living with my bf for 3 years, I think it makes things even more special though and keeps it all alive xxx

    • As soon as we’ll be able to live together I would make my best to avoid living a LDR again, but for now this is the way to be for us! Thank you x

  • Andrea Thompson

    Happy birthday, hope your 21st year is great to xxx

    • Thank you Andrea!

  • Happy birthday! What a great year you have had. I agree, a supportive person in your life, like a really supportive person who accepts the whole of you, is one of the best things.

    • It’s totally true! Thank you so much Kerri! x

  • Happy (late) birthday! This is a fun idea to post! Maybe I’ll steal it from you haha (no worries, I’ll mention your blog and send the readers to you!) xx

    • Feel free to do it too! Thank you! x