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20 Random Facts About Me

September 26th  •  Posted in Lifestyle


Something I love is getting to know something more about the bloggers behind my favourite blogs, and I just realized that even though I often talk about me in my posts, I never really dedicated an entire post to allow you to get to know me a little bit better. So here are some totally random facts you probably don’t know about me!

1. Some of you may have guessed it already but I’m vegetarian.

2. I watch and have watched several TV series and I tend to become a little bit obsessed. There’re still a lot more I need to catch up with and my boyfriend really helps me with it always suggesting to watch his faves together (and he has watched so many more than me!).

3. I have a pointy ear (just look at the picture right above!) – and it’s such a conversation started feature of my body! I know, it’s weird, but I’m pretty fond of it.

4. In kindergarten I used to hide in the strangest places to avoid every gym class – and when I hid in the storage room no one actually remembered about me and I got to stay there for the entire class until someone came to store the balls and mats.

5. I looove to swim.

6. The only pets I ever had were/are cats.

7. Embarrassing one – a few years ago I used to be obsessed with RPG (Role Playing Games) online, the ones where you actually get to write full well written paragraphs though! And they were mainly Harry Potter related.

8. I’ve never tasted a Coke.

9. I love visiting Ikea – even just for the purpose of doing it and not for mandatorily buying something (even though it’s pretty hard I don’t find something to buy).

10. I hate taking the train, it’s just one of those things that stress me out oh-so-much.

20 Random Facts About Me

11. I dream of living in London.

12. I always wear embarrassing pajamas, I don’t think I even own something serious and classy in my pjs drawer.

13. I met my boyfriend on a forum online 7 years ago, then we started chatting on Windows Live Messenger.

14. I’m not a huge movie fan.

15. I’m a tiny bit obsessed with cute mugs and I love collecting them.

16. I love planning travels and I’m seriously such a perfectionist at it – I plan every single hour and meal in advance!

17. I love candles and flowers and my ideal workspace is one where I can be surrounded by both.

18. A few years ago I used to play The Sims a lot, seriously too much.

19. I name all the objects I own!

20. Lastly, I’m terribly afraid by green bedbugs.

Please let me know some random facts about you, I’m curious to get to know you better as well!
Also, check out my About Me & Miel Café page to know more about me and my blog!


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