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Where to :: Eat in Milan | 001

September 23rd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Now, I’m no expert of Milan by any means and I don’t even visit it as often as I would like to, however one of my goals for the next months is to visit it more frequently and discover new pretty places. You know I love to share, so I decided to start a little blog series where I bring you along in Milan finding out new places where to eat delicious food. Hopefully this will help some of you that are visiting Milan for only a few days, to choose a few places where to go and eat something nice, or just for you to enjoy seeing Milan from a screen for the moment!

Let’s start with some classics…

Where To Eat In Milan #1
Where To Eat In Milan #1
Where To Eat In Milan #1
Where To Eat In Milan #1

California Bakery is a place you want to visit. It has such an interesting history behind it and when I entered the little café for the first time and started wandering around looking at their delicious desserts I couldn’t help but think about the founder’s travels in the USA that made it all happen. It has a few Pinterest worthy cafes located in different areas of Milan, and there’s something about the decor, the white rusty floorboards and the retro vintage-ish feeling that makes everything more magical. This is definitely the place where I would love to work at my laptop all day, peaceful but alive at the same time. Their cakes and desserts look amazing and me and my boyfriend have decided we need to try them all at some point, however their pic-nic, brunch, bagels & sandwiches options all sound pretty amazing too!

Our favourite? The Cream Cheese Kid’s Brownie, mmm!

Via Larga 19

Where To Eat In Milan #1
Where To Eat In Milan #1
Where To Eat In Milan #1
Where To Eat In Milan #1
Where To Eat In Milan #1
Where To Eat In Milan #1

Whether you’ve been a tourist or you have lived in Milan for a while, you should have tasted a Luini‘s panzerotto at some point. However if you weren’t aware of the existence of this little spot of paradise, you won’t miss it out the next time! This is such a classic, if you’re in Milan you need to eat one of their panzerotti at least once, and I’m not even a fan of Luini’s prices however I can’t deny I still succumb to the temptation sometimes. Luini is an historical bakery right behind the Duomo that fries and sells the most delicious panzerotti in Milan. You’ll probably recognize it by the queue of people waiting for buying some at every hour of the day really, and even though their panzerotti wouldn’t make for a healthy mid-afternoon snack, I wouldn’t suggest to decide to visit it around dinner or lunch time (just trying to avoid you a good half an hour or more of waiting!).

Our favourites? The classic tomato and mozzarella panzerotto, and the ‘vegetarian’ with ricotta and spinach, yum!

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  • I’m so happy for these series! Visiting any place in Italy is a dream for me and I must be ready for when it comes true! 😀

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Glad you like the idea! x

  • That brownie looks incredible! I’d love to visit Milan 🙂


    • It was so delicious! x

  • California Bakery sounds really nice. The brownie looks delicious and you take pretty photos! You have such beautiful eyes 🙂
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