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Almond Chai Latte

October 1st  •  Posted in Recipe

Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe


Yay! It’s that time of the year again when it’s totally a-okay to dust off all the tea and get cracking with warm drinks and I couldn’t be happier! I’m relatively new to chai as I tried it last March for the first time ever, but since then it has been my warm drink of choice. Chai latte reminds me of chilly London where a huge plaid scarf was required and where I tried it the first time and in fact it’s probably my number one favourite warm comfort drink. Only recently I came up with the perfect non-dairy combination for a great delicious chai latte recipe. This is seriously the coziest, most comfortable, sweet yet spiced drink ever, and here is my recipe for you to try!

Ingredients || For a mug of Almond Chai Latte:
150/200 ml of sweetened almond milk (or almond milk + sugar to taste)
1 Black Chai Tea bag (I’m using the Yogi Organic Black Chai Tea which tastes amazing and comes with the cutest quotes, all different for each tea bag!)
1 Vanilla Bean
Star Anise

Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe
Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe
Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe


1. Start by measuring out your almond milk according to how large your mug is. Should approximately be around 150/200ml for a mug of chai latte. Then pour the milk into a trusty small saucepan.

2. Take your black chai tea bag and place it in some water for just a second – this helps in releasing the flavour when in the milk.

3. Then pour the tea bag with the milk in the saucepan and place the latter on a very low heat.

Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe

4. Cut a vanilla bean in the middle to release the seeds and pour it in the almond milk when it’s still warming up together with some star anise to taste to enhance the chai flavour.

5. Let the mixture of tea, milk, vanilla and anise warm up mixing with a spoon along the way until the milk reaches its boiling point, then turn off the heat.

Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe
Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe
Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe

6. Press the tea bag with a spoon on the sides of the saucepan to release more flavour, then strain the almond chai latte on a strainer directly into your mug to remove the anise and vanilla bean and seeds.


You’ll be left with the best deliciously smelling chai latte as well as coziest, sweetest yet spiced warm drink for this autumnal chilly days! The star anise enhance the flavour of the chai and make it more interesting, while the vanilla add sweetness and delicacy – I also find the almond milk is the best non-dairy choice to be paired with black chai (my fave). You can also make your own chai at home by mixing black tea, ginger, star anise, cloves, black pepper in some boiling water, however I definitely prefer using tea bags for it because the consistency of the final chai latte will be much thicker and creamier!

{ Enjoy! }

Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe
Almond Chai Latte | A Recipe
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