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October 4th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

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I don’t think I’ve ever written a wishlist post on here, but when autumn comes around I can’t help but compile several lists of things I’d love to purchase and be pretty excited about literally… everything. I have had a huge wardrobe clear-out and re-organization session lately, which made me realize I don’t have that many autumnal and transitional clothes in my closet and I’m really pining for some lately. It’s strange, there’re some periods in my life when I don’t really mind about what I’m wearing and how I look and shopping is something I can’t really stand, but then others when I want to look pretty, I need pretty shoes, clothes, accessories and then shoes again, flats in particular. When the chill comes around I’m usually all about new clothes and I find pieces I’d add to my wardrobe almost everywhere which makes typing anything in search bars so dangerous! I’ve already bought something from my list of missing pieces and basics from my closet, but I’m after so many other pretty shoes, can you blame me?! Also, there’s something about autumn and feeling cozy, having lovely nights in and long baking session, that really fills me of joy at the thought we have many more months of chilly weather ahead, which means I definitely have to pick up my favourite candle from last year (maybe a full stock, please) as well as some kitchen homeware – I can look at pretty kitchen utensils for hours…

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