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Chopped… again

October 13th  •  Posted in Beauty

Chopped... again
new haircut ;

You might have noticed from my latest update that my hair is shorter. Yes, I had it chopped… again! I had it chopped back in June and then again last month always the same midi length, but recently I was itching for something different, something new, an even shorter hair style for wintertime when updos are not my main priority. So I’ve had it chopped again last week right above my shoulders and I’m so happy with the new haircut: my hair feels lighter and airy, plus the new cut gives me a lot more character and it’s so easy to style!

I’ve already said I’m quite the fan of short hair, but I’m sure having way too many nights in watching Masters of Sex (I love that show and all the 50s ‘dos, so beautiful) by my own influenced a lot the need of a new haircut & style. I’ve been rocking my new short hair usually straight and only slightly curled towards the face on the ends (everything for that vintage-y look) and I’m rediscovering a few products to keep my hair always fresh & on point: a few must-haves are being the O’right Golden Rose Color Care Shampoo* which leaves my hair so flowy and lightweight, the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm applied right after the shower on my damp hair to prep them to any hair style, but also the Batiste Dry Shampoo to refresh on the second day hair when needed.

You might remember from my latest hair update that I love vintage hair clips – as I spotted this pink ASOS Big Bow Hair Clip I knew I had to have it. It’s probably the biggest hair clip I own, but I always feel a bit like the Little Mermaid when I wear it!

Chopped... again


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