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Love Sales?!

October 16th  •  Posted in Style

shop! ;

May the day that online shopping was born be blessed, there’s nothing better than snuggling in a cozy throw on the couch with a warm cup of tea while browsing through my favourite online shops and finding amazing deals and buying everything I need from home! Bye bye stress! Don’t know about you but I’m always on the hunt for interesting deals online and my online purchases are usually due to discounts and coupon codes appearing between my mails – I just can’t turn my back on an amazing deal.

I was recently introduced to Love Sales, a cool website updated daily that reports the best deals online: whether they are seasonal sales or random discounts, it is a fantastic guide through the best sales online featuring all the best and most popular brands out there. Imagine to squeeze your newsletter section of your mailbox including all the sales and discounts in one website. You can pick your favourite brands and be always updated on the best deals going on on their online shops but also keep an eye on your favourite items to see when they reach the target price you want to pay for it. Plus you can browse through a hand picked selection of Latest Hot Sales all with amazing discounts between 25-75% off.

keep an eye on it ;

I love how easily you can select the products you like and keep an eye on them, checking if the price raises or drops and when it’s the best moment to shop. The vast selection of brands and items allows to shop for literally every occasion, and buy the biggest variety of items, like coats, dresses, accessories, watches and even forniture. Doesn’t it sound the coolest shopping tool online? Yep, it does. It’s free and extremely easy to use! Here’s a selection of incredible deals that are going on in My List

2 :: Love Moschino Long Sleeve Rope Print Shift Dress with Crew Neck ;
3 :: Topshop Stripe Cropped Jacket ;
4 :: Fenn Wright Manson Blake Cardigan ;

Not to mention I’ve just got a lovely shopping session through the current ASOS 50% Off Sale and bought some amazing deals for autumn – so thank you Love Sales!
Did you know Love Sales? Is online shopping your thing?



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