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Winter treats for a cozy afternoon { with Lindt }

November 28th  •  Posted in Food

Lindt Lava Cakes

Chocolate Lava Cakes ℅ Lindt

You should know I’m more of a “from-scratch” kind of person when it comes to baking & cooking, and I always say there’s nothing more satisfactory than having a long intensive baking session and enjoying the results right after, but sometimes it’s also nice to have something quick and easy to make without caring too much about measuring out a bunch of ingredients and maybe also realizing you can’t bake that cake because the sugar is magically gone and you forgot to pick it up during your latest grocery shopping trip and you surely don’t have a coat warm enough to go out and buy it at that moment. But the afternoon is so cold outside and warm inside under the blankets of your couch and you totally deserve a chocolate-y treat.

That’s where the Lindt Chocolate Lava Cakes* come in! I’m such a fan of homemade lava cakes (you might remember I shared a pair of recipes previously here and here) that I’m kind of critical when it comes to try new recipes, but this Lindt offering is something I would definitely buy again as the result was so great! The warm chocolate-y heart is soft and rich and the consistency turned out just perfect following the super easy instructions. Not to mention the only additional ingredients you need are a pair of eggs and that the whole pre-baking procedure took me 10 minutes if not even less! They tasted almost exactly like my homemade lava cakes and the heart turned out even better!

So whether you are planning a tea party, a dinner, or a lonely afternoon (yes, it’s totally a-okay to eat them all alone… right?), Lindt has to be your guy and you should definitely try their lava cakes this winter. As for my next time, I am thinking of a indulgent Sunday’s breakfast in bed…

Lindt Lava Cakes
Lindt Lava Cakes

Christmas Gift Guide :: For Him

November 26th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

You might have read last week’s Christmas Gift Guide :: For Her where I started this year’s Christmas blog series; this time I’ve teamed up with my boyfriend to bring you the ultimate gift guide for him! All these gifts are boyfriend approved and something he would love to receive for Christmas but also things that can be great gifts for others too! But of course, I approved them myself so that these are realistically what a girl (me) would buy for a boy/man… I personally love buying gifts for men, however I can see that sometimes it’s not that easy like buying something for a girl, especially if you’re a girl, so hopefully this can inspire you a little!

1 :: For commuters ;
ASOS iPad Mini Case with Straps
If your boy travels a lot or live on the underground most days of the week, and of course if he owns an iPad Mini, this might be the perfect gift for him! I love the simplicity of this case and how great the strap looks.

2 :: For crafters ;
ASOS Grow Your Own Chili Kit
This is such a cool gift idea especially as stocking filler, and especially if your boy loves crafts and DIYs! This kit includes a terracotta pot, chili seeds and soil, but if you fancy you can make your guy grow a little Cherry Tomato Plant too!

3 :: For tech lovers ;
Muji Fairisle Touchscreen Gloves
I love the look of the winter-y pattern on these gloves, and I’m sure they would make for an awesome gift for boys that like to use their phones/tablets everywhere, even in the cold!

4 :: For readers ;
Kindle Voyage
I don’t know about yours, but my boyfriend’s weakness must be e-Readers and he’s surely after the new Kindle this year: lightweight, featuring an adaptive front light and a higher resolution, these are a few of the reasons why you should pick the new Kindle, even though I’m still a huge fan of the good old Paperwhite.

5 :: For more readers ;
Moleskine Book Journal
If your guy likes to read but you want something more on a budget, this Moleskine journal is such a cool little gadget: a tun of fillable sections for all the book’s details, a big space to write his thoughts on every book, cute little stickers and the quality of Moleskine can’t not make for a great well-thought present!

6 :: For his phone ;
Christmas Sweater Phone Case
A little bit of auto-promotion here – and this is also the first time I talk about this exciting project of mine on here, but I’ve a little phone case line available on Casetify, where my illustrations/patterns can be bought as phone cases for every phone really! Nice, uh? I’ve designed a pair of Christmas themed cases already, and we think the Christmas Sweater case would be perfect for guys!
(p.s. :: use the code U98MZ9 to have $10 off your order!)

7 :: For winter lovers ;
River Island Christmas Sweater
There’s nothing I love more than buying Christmas themed clothes as gifts and if you do too and your boy likes winter prints, than you can’t go wrong with this super cute yet neutral Christmas sweater!

8 :: For sleepyheads ;
H&M Duvet Cover Set with Deer Print
You might remember that I mentioned a duvet cover in my last gift guide last week, and I thought I would include another on here: this deer printed bedding set is perfect for guys and I’ve actually bought one for my boyfriend already and he loves it!

Winter Vibes

November 24th  •  Posted in Home

a home update ;

In any season more than winter I feel the need of adding new themed pieces to the home: when the days become colder and colder there’s something so warming about new candles, warm-toned little objects to have around and a soft and cozy blanket to lay under while sipping hot tea on the couch. I couldn’t help but buy some winter themed homeware and this is totally making me a happy girl lately. I love the feel of having new things around and definitely find it very inspiring too, especially if it’s themed to my favourite time of the year – though I’ve tried to not go too overboard with the Christmas spirit already!

I’ve got this amazing H&M Duvet Cover Set and everytime I look at it I feel like I were in winter wonderland: I love the white and subtle gold colour combo as well as the flowers, leaves, branches and little birds print that looks so beautiful and winter-y. I also think the duvet cover set looks pretty awesome if paired with my trusty soft beige Ikea Gurli Throw which is the softest thing that has ever been and it’s pretty handy to have at the bottom of the bed when the nights are colder and require a double covering action. Not to mention I’m pretty obsessed with the Vintermys Ikea Candle, that smells just incredibly nice, like a delicious christmas biscuit, as well as with any copper-toned decor piece!

Winter Vibes
Winter Vibes
Winter Vibes

H&M Duvet Cover Set

Winter Vibes
Winter Vibes
Winter Vibes

Ikea Gurli Throw + Ikea Enigt Mug

Winter Vibes
Winter Vibes

H&M Copper Metal Wire Basket + H&M Copper Metal Tealight Holder

Winter Vibes
Winter Vibes

Ikea Vintermys Candle + Wooden Tray { similar }


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