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It’s a very special birthday!

November 22nd  •  Posted in Lifestyle

A very special birthday!
A very special birthday!

Don’t want to start a sloppy post, but being that this blog is a sort of diary of my life, and that the man in question is a huge part of the mentioned life, I thought this was kind of due! Today’s the birthday of my favourite person in the world, and this totally deserve a post for itself.

When you’ll be reading this I will most probably be spending the morning baking a huge chocolate espresso cake following and adapting this beautiful recipe (doesn’t it look delicious?) and if you want to keep up to date with that, I will most probably post pictures of the cake on Instagram! I’m spending this weekend at his place, and it will be spent eating cakes, going out for a dinner & a movie kind of date (well deserved, since the last one we had was way back in July) and if all goes according to plan also spending a sweet afternoon browsing through a Christmas market (ah, my favourite thing!).

The downside of having someone that has birthday around the Christmas period is that you have to think for double gift ideas in less than a month time, but on the other hand giving festive themed things as gifts is totally appropriate (and picking up festive undies and sweaters for others must be one of my favourite thing that has ever been).

So, a very happy birthday to my favourite person of them all!

How are you spending your weekends?