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Christmas in 1:1 snaps.

December 27th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Hey there! Hope y’all have had a very lovely time these past few days! In my last catch up post I told you I was going to come back pretty soon with a new update about my Christmas: deciding where to stay on Christmas day was not so easy, but in the end I spent Christmas eve at home, wrapping presents and baking and eating delicious food (and we went to watch The Hobbit too!) and Christmas day at my boyfriend’s place – where the filling-the-belly-of-delicious-food got very serious. I came back with a food baby after eating my body weight in appetizers, spaghetti with clams, chicory lasagna, grilled tuna and roasted potatoes, and pineapple + vanilla ice cream! Not to mention the huge amount of pastry treats: tiramisu and pistachio yule logs, amazing festive chocolates and Santa-shaped panettone were definitely my favourite things of Christmas! Not bad that my boyfriend’s uncle is one of the most known pastry chef of Milan, uh?!

Santa was super good to me this year and brought me a tun of cute presents I’m so thankful for including a huge box of chocolate from said pastry shop, the cutest slippers, the softest blanket, festive nail varnishes and all sort of beauty treats! The last pair of days have been spent eating leftovers and more panettone, and enjoying the festive spirit for a bit longer. Today’s snowing and I’m super excited! What were you up to at Christmas this year? I’m super curious to get to know everything you ate 😉 x

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