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Gift Idea :: Christmas cookies in a jar.

December 16th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

Not sure the most will agree, but I love handmade gifts, especially when those were made from the one person who gifted it. I completely appreciate when someone spend time over something and I think it totally gives the gift another bigger and deeper value. Simple cheap objects can transform into something beautiful that might be the most appreciated gift beyond pre-made others, so whether you’re thinking to implement some DIY presents to something you already bought for your loved ones, or you plan on going fully handmade this time, I think you maybe should think about giving handmade this year. It makes for such a good well-thought present for everyone! You know that feeling when someone brings you freshly baked handmade cookies and you think how nice it is that they thought of bringing some to you?! I do quite love the feeling…

Last Christmas I’ve put together the easiest handmade gift which was fully appreciated and such a nice gift-idea for every age, so I thought it was about time to share it with you so that maybe you can get inspired and create something by hands to give as gift to someone you love. We’re talking Christmas cookies in jar! I mean, I’d love to receive someone else’s most popular festive recipe in a jar and that’s why I thought it could make such a nice present to receive.

Gift Idea :: Cookies in a jar.
Gift Idea :: Cookies in a jar.
Gift Idea :: Cookies in a jar.
Gift Idea :: Cookies in a jar.

It’s super quick and super easy, just pick your favourite trustworthy recipe trying to avoid anything too difficult or that takes too many steps, but most importantly try to stick to recipes that only require to pour most of the ingredients together at once. My Christmas Snow Covered Cookies are a good pick for this purpose as they’re quite easy, all the ingredients only need to be put together and mixed, and they’re quite fun to make as well! Once you’ve picked the recipe, just measure out all the dry ingredients before moving on, and then take your mason jars (which are super cheap!) and fill them up by layering all the ingredients one above the other.

The fun part is actually making a label for it. Last Christmas I designed a little sticker on Photoshop using a pictures of the cookies I previously took and writing up the recipe onto a festive background, but this year I went for something simpler and just wrote the recipe up by hand onto a little brown label and tied it at the jar with a festive red and white twine! As simple and fool proof as that, and yet it makes for such a fun, creative, well-thought and inexpensive Christmas gift.

best before :: the end of holiday season!

Gift Idea :: Cookies in a jar.
Gift Idea :: Cookies in a jar.
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  • Paola – A room with a view

    Ciao, mi piace un sacco il tuo blog… ci sono tante idee carine e vedo che abbiamo molte passioni in comune!
    Tornerò a trovarti!
    Anche io ho un blog, ti lascio il link se vuoi passare a salutarmi! xo