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Hello 2015!

January 8th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

With my last post we can say I’ve closed 2014 chapter and am ready to officially say hello to the New Year on here too! Yet I’m still quite enjoying all my chocolate from Christmas…

All in all, 2014 was a good one to me – yes, I’ve seen better years before where health issues didn’t persecute me until the very end, but looking back to it I really can’t complain. As much as I think being grateful and appreciate what you have instead of craving for more is essential for living airily, I feel like as human beings we need to see some personal improvements during our lifetime, this is why my new mantra is really trying to start enjoying those little things I barely was able to see before, and improve my health and living by simply having little, encouraging goals for my 2015, trying to not feel overwhelmed by dreams that are actually too big. I truly believe that everything starts small: I want to do things like anybody else, but there’s no rush for them, all the little steps they require need time and other smaller steps to happen.

Here are a few basic things I’d like to be included in my 2015…

Hello 2015!

More Books
It’s embarrassing how many books I haven’t read in 2014. I used to love reading, books to be my anchor, and now I can’t seem to be able to even finish one! I don’t even know how many books I’ve left there undone after only reading half of them. Sometimes I feel like I need to step back and dip my toe into those lines again maybe eliminating that hour I spend at my phone or laptop at night right before bed. I hope to be able to accomplish this in 2015 by starting from those I left behind unfinished!

Hello 2015

More baking experiments
Yes, I baked a lot in 2014, as I did in 2013 and the years before, but as much as I like to bake my trusty recipes over and over again, I feel like I’m a tiny bit stuck and lacking of inspiration lately. I am good at baking and recreating my favourite recipes, but I’d like to try and experiment more with other techniques and maybe learn something new since every time I tried something different in 2014 and it didn’t turn out as supposed, I gave up and never tried it again!

More healthy choices
At the same time I miss my ‘making healthy choices’ motivation I found back in summertime last year. Since then life has overwhelmed us and I seem to have forgotten how important it was for me to have a healthy lifestyle and how good it felt like! Hopefully I’ll be able to make up for it this new year.

Hello 2015!

More movies
I’ve never really been a fan of going to the movies before (if not for popcorn!) but I started enjoying it only lately in December and it feels nice and exciting to have a new activity to love and do more often! I’m pretty excited for a lot of movies coming out soon and can’t really wait to give them a go and I’m so happy this can become a more enjoyable choice to spend our afternoons or evenings in the following months!

Hello 2015!

Travel and build memories
It was a very new thing to us to travel on our own in 2014 for the first time and plan, pay, enjoy a vacation relying only on ourselves. It was exciting, beautiful and helped building new fascinating memories that will be hardly washed away by time or anything else. I am already quite sure 2015 will reserve us another travel somewhere exciting pretty soon, however I do have enjoyed even the smallest road trip or our short day trips and I hope this year we can jump on a train and go somewhere new a bit more often.

Here’s to a new year where starting small and building big will get us very far! I’d love to know what your 2015’s big or small new year resolutions include, so let’s chat about being positive in the comments 🙂 x

  • Oh gosh I hear you haha! I barely read at all, but I think that’s partly down to my english degree taking over, but I am with you on this one and healthier choices xx

  • I like your resolutions! I just posted a blog post about my improved vision of this year, and I’m kind of happy about it. 2014 for me was the worst year ever so I really need a bit of positivity.
    At the moment my goals include bfocusing on happiness, graduating (lol), get back at experimenting with photography and be creative outside the university projects. The last bit comes from the #bufferchat of yesterday, the power of twitter 😛

    Eithne on the Moon: lifestyle, books and travels!

  • Some lovely goals here, I recently uploaded a “12 Things I Want To Do In 2015” post over on my blog and reading definitely made it onto that list! I used to love reading, but I’ve become extremely lazy with it. I ended up reading a lot of blogs, and a few art-books I pulled out of the college library, but I hadn’t read anything besides that for years, I’m currently reading Gone Girl after hearing so many positive things about it. I started yesterday and I’m already a quarter of the way through, and i’m already falling in love with books again. The best of luck for 2015, and with these goals. I hope you’re able to achieve all you set out to!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  • Jennifer Polly

    These are lovely resolutions! It’s nice to see how positive they as some of these posts are pretty negative. I really want to travel and build memories too and have set myself a goal to read more as with busy lives finding time to read is tough. As always, this post was a fantastic read! 🙂

  • I agree about the book part so much, I’m very disappointed with myself about reading so little in 2014. I used to read books so quickly but last year it just didn’t happen so quickly, so I promised myself to read much more in 2015! Good luck with the rest of your plans as well! x

  • Drea.

    Great post, I’m totally with you on baking experiments – I’m such a sucker for going for my tried and trusted recipes – definitely want to shake it up a bit!

    Drea xo
    Drea’s Junkyard

  • I’m with you on everything! For the reading part I found that setting a Goodreads challenge is very motivating (I started low and this year set it higher). Also I try to read every time I take public transportation and everyday before bed.
    Would love to get that almond pastries recipe by the way! 😉

    • Should really set a Goodreads challenge myself too!

      Psst, I’ve posted the almond pastries recipe today here! 😉

      • Thanks for letting me know Giada, I’m so glad you posted it! 🙂

  • Watching more movies is such an interesting goal! But yeah, it does feel good to go out and go watch 😉

  • I love reading too but in 2014 I couldn’t seem to be able to finish a book either everything I tried to read didn’t really interest me that much. I hope to read more too this year , I also can’t wait to see what new editing recipes you have in store

  • More books and more memories are on my list as well!

  • Marsya Jauzi

    Yup, I only finished less than 5 books in 2014. Wishing I read more. Great post <3 xo

  • Those are all very nice goals for the new year. Going to the movies is one of my favourite things to do (even though nobody seems to understand why I go to the movies alone); for about 2 hours, your life doesn’t exist anymore, you are sucked in into the movie you’re watching. I just love the feeling.

  • Phoebe Tee

    I can’t wait to see more of your baking creations (even though I can’t bake haha)!
    Phoebe –

  • Hi Giada,

    I couldn’t agree more with your resolution on reading more books. I am terrible at finding the time to sit down and have a read!

    Healthier choices should make you look and feel better and who doesn’t love to travel?! I’m making a list of places to visit for the year.

    Ben |