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Back to Basics.

January 25th  •  Posted in Beauty

Back to Basics
Back to Basics

My skin was being very itchy and nasty lately over my whole body. It was going on since a long while, months, years, and it seems something chronicle and I couldn’t really see an end to it any time soon. So now I’m making the switch to all natural basic skincare (and haircare too) to see how it goes! I can’t deny the definitive push was given to me while reading this post by Freya; I started thinking: “why am I still thinking oils can only be bad for oily skins?” and decided to finally give the whole coconut-oil-only thing a whirl. I’m doing it since only a few days, but so far so good and my skin is reacting wonderfully, not even near to my most positive expectations! Now every time I take a shower, I firstly wash my hair with my favourite shampoo from Lush, then I wash my body with nothing more than natural shower gels or, even better, castile soap (any harsh bath sponge is strictly forbidden) and then I cleanse my face with pure virgin organic coconut oil and nothing else! If I feel like I need a bit of exfoliation I only commit myself to my beloved Let The Good Times Roll (cleanser + exfoliator in one means I can really keep my skincare stash to the minimal!). A bit extreme? I know, but so far I’ve seen the best results I was hoping to see since a while!

Are you planning to go natural with your skincare products any time soon? Let me know if you have some natural gems one with oily skin and bad dry patches needs to know about! x

  • Summer Whittaker

    I have oily skin and I have been scared to use oils, but seeing that it is doing good things for your skin, I may have to give it a shot!

    Love, Summer.

  • Let the Good Times Roll is a life saver! I used it last winter, when my skin was terribly oily, and somehow it solved the problem! Since I used it (and switched to a normal-combination skins’ skincare) I’ve hade no more problems with my skin.

    Perhaps the products for oily skins were too aggressive for me and worked against me.

  • I definitely used to avoid oils and moisturisers because of my skin but it’s surprising how much it helps when you start introducing them again xx

  • I also have oily skin and i found that coconut oil does wonders for my skin.

    The Twenty Something Something

  • I think natural is fhethe best way to go. I used to use a tonne of skincare products but I threw out all of them one day because I realised that it wasn’t healthy in the long run.

    Great post!
    Girl in a Whimsical Land