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In January I’ve Loved…

January 31st  •  Posted in Favourites

Whoa, wait, is it the last day of January already? It feels like 2015 has only started yesterday! January wasn’t my favourite month, however I’m pleased to say I was able to try a lot of new things that obviously could make to my monthly favourites, and yes, this includes a lot of chocolate but also a few healthy choices that was an anchor to me for my January detox! If you’d like to read about what I was up to in January, simply check my January Highlights, otherwise let’s just jump right into my most favourite things from the last 30 days…

In January 2015 I've Loved...
In January 2015 I've Loved...
In January 2015 I've Loved...


The most exciting highlight of the month was that day when the postman came and brought a huge box full of Lindt treats! Isn’t it everyone’s dream?! I’ve always been a fan of classic Lindor Milk Truffles* but I was so pleased to finally try the delicious and indulgent Lindor Strawberry & Cream Truffles*, that are just perfect for anything Valentine’s Day related, including recipes, cozy nights in and moments of sweetness!

As for the healthier food choices, I’m quite enjoying the Clipper Green tea with Echinacea which is just my new favourite afternoon treat! Green tea is so good for our bodies but not the best flavour to me, but echinacea makes the whole thing a lot more interesting: it quite completely covers the flavour of green tea and make it tastes more citrusy and good! If you’d like to introduce green tea in your lifestyle but don’t quite enjoy the original flavour, I can’t suggest this Clipper offering enough..!

Lastly but not least on the food front is my new IKEA Produkt Milk-Frother: as you might remember I haven’t had a milk frother anymore for a long time, then I spotted this so inexpensive IKEA utensil and I just thought to give it a try. It is so good and easy to obtain a perfect foam – yes, it’s not velvety enough to experiment with latte art, but it’s just good enough to get a very nice basic latte in no time at all!

In January 2015 I've Loved...
In January 2015 I've Loved...


It’s been a very long time since the last time we printed our pictures but it’s always my favourite parcel to unwrap, so I ordered a few other prints from the last 6 months! I love going back to those memories once again just by browsing through a few pages of our photo album – it’s just so nice to have your pictures printed instead of only digital files, you get the occasion of seeing and reliving those memories surely more often than you would if you don’t ever print them!

In January 2015 I've Loved...
In January 2015 I've Loved...


On the fashion front, I can’t *not* mention my new Sugarhill Boutique Starstruck Glitter Skirt – it’s just the cutest and most flattering skirt I own at the moment, needless to say I’m wearing it a lot. It’s thick enough to wear it during this season, and obviously pairs amazingly with anything really. Something that has just joined my wardrobe recently is my new Sheinside Wine Red Sweater (similar) – I’m totally a fan of 2015 Pantone color of the year: marsala is definitely a colour I could wear all year around, but I realized I didn’t own a lot of wine red clothes in my wardrobe, so this Sheinside sweater was the perfect addition!

In January 2015 I've Loved...


As I’ve already told you in one of my recent posts I’m trying to stick to only coconut oil to cleanse/moisturize my skin. I had very bad skin, so it’s nice to go back to something organic and natural, and I’m quite surprised about how nicely my skin is reacting to it. It has only been a week or more, but so far I’m not going back to anything I was using before!
What’s on your January favourites list? x
  • Those Lindt chocolates look SO good, I know what I’m picking up for movie snacks next time! I’d love to know how you get on with the coconut oil after a few weeks, as I’m considering switching but I’m scared it’ll break me out!


  • Nicole

    Ugh I really dislike January. Full on blues, no money & it’s just cold & depressing here in Chester! Thanks for sharing those Pink Lindt!!! I need to get my hands on those! xx



  • I totally need to try lindor strawberries and cream they look AMAZING and so pretty too xx

  • Katie Conigliaro

    That skirt is super cute! I never buy skirts because I never know what to pair them with. I stick to dresses because they do all the work for me haha. But I would love something like that!


  • My mom has the same IKEA milk frother! I love printed photos, I probably have too many laying around the house, but it just is so different to look through the “real” photos you can hold in your hands. And as I already mentioned, your red sweater is adorable!

  • wow ! your pictures are so well done ! loving your blog ( I just discovered it)