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My Favourite Kind of Sundays.

January 27th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

My Favourite Kind of Sundays.
My Favourite Kind of Sundays.
My Favourite Kind of Sundays.

Don’t know about where you live, but here in Italy the weather is being pretty unusual: we’re enjoying a few very sunny days lately, which are quite different from what January usually looks like around here and the temperatures are also very enjoyable and almost remind me of spring already! As much as I like snow days, sunny winter days are definitely my favourites! The best solution to beat the January blues is going out to enjoy a small walk during one of said days, and then just do the simple things that make Sunday the best day of the week, such as order a warm latte + croissant, shop some winter sale deals, eat an ice cream in the afternoon or stay warm inside preparing an hot chocolate or sweet baked goods while the sun shine through the slightly open curtains.

On Sunday the weather was super sunny and very very windy. We stayed in bed longer than usual and enjoyed the tiny ray of light that was enough to light up the room a bit through the shutters. We experimented with latte designs (we’re not really improving or anything, so I might have spent the whole Saturday morning designing and creating latte stencils, am I?!) and had a lovely family lunch. Afternoon was spent enjoying a bit of sunlight, drinking chocolate milkshakes and picking up the latest winter sales deals (I am so excited to wear my new dress in the last winter days and during spring as well!).

What’s your favourite way to spend a winter Sunday? x

Jeans – Topshop ; Sweater – Sheinside (Similar) ; Parka – Only ; Shoes – Similar

My Favourite Kind of Sundays.
My Favourite Kind of Sundays.
My Favourite Kind of Sundays.
My Favourite Kind of Sundays.


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  • Rosy Flynn

    My favourite types of Sunday involve nice long dog walks and good company.
    I live in Scotland and it’s freezing at the moment I’m really looking forward to summer.

  • This is soooooo good! I love sunny winter days when you can just enjoy a stroll to a coffee shop and take pictures without freezing everything off and hurrying home! Today is a Tuesday but because of the whole snow situation everyone stayed at home and it’s just like a weekend. We slept in, had a big breakfast, went for a walk to the park and stopped by a coffee shop <3

  • Great way to spend a Sunday! Love your little shoes x

  • Rachel Villegas


    I just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog so I’ve nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award. YAY!

    See your nomination here:

    Have a lovely day!


  • rabidCOMMENTOR