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New year, old hair.

January 10th  •  Posted in Beauty

It doesn’t seem so but it’s been a while since my last hair update! I usually do them when I chop my hair, but this is a different one because I’m keeping my hair this not too annoying mid-length a bit longer and, and I’d never thought I would have ever said this, I’m trying to embrace my natural hair texture. What? I know, I’ve always complained about my hair looking flat and plain, but I’m finding that adapting my hair care routine slightly and using the right products, I can wear my natural hair (without involving any iron as well) on a daily basis!

Like any other hair update, the usefulness of these words might be highly dubious, but maybe some of you have very flat boring hair as much as I do and live a complex relationship with their locks, then maybe this post can inspire someone to start this new year with a different approach to their hair!

New year, old hair.
New year, old hair.
New year, old hair.

Lush Shampoo Bar | Fudge Salt SprayHairtrade | H&M Hair Ties

Coming to an age of 22 of having very oily hair, I’ve never jumped on the leave-in conditioners bandwagon, as I’ve always thought anything you pile on your hair after washing it will make the oiliness appear faster. This is also why I go from being over excited to try a new volumizing spray or any other leave-in hair product, to just stop loving them after one use. Most of times trying to achieve a more voluminous style is not worth the hassle to me, but this was before I tried anything salt infused! I’m using the Fudge Salt Spray lately and I’m reckoning that salt acts at drying up my hair scalp a tiny little bit – which is actually a sort of miracle for one with oily hair! – and this means I can spray a leave-in product that actually helps at volumizing and texturizing my locks without worrying about how horrifying my second day hair would look, as it would look fine! Pretty awesome, right?

From here to say my hair will ever look like I have natural soft beach waves, there’s a huge insurmountable gap, but with said salt spray I feel like it has more grip and stays into place more easily, so here is what I do:

1 :: I wash my hair with miraculous Jumping Juniper shampoo bar by Lush (an ode of which can be found over here) and no conditioner at all!
2 :: I spray a modest amount of Fudge Salt Spray around the root area and a bit more also on the ends – beside from smelling amazingly coconutty, it not only adds a bit of texture, but also offers UV protection and conditions your locks in the meanwhile!
3 :: I use the hair drier on low until my hair is 90% dry.
4 :: I braid it up into a loose and messy french braid and keep it there as long as I can – but even half an hour is fine most of the times! It gives my hair a bit of texture and added volume.
5 :: I spray the Fudge Salt Spray on a second day hair too if I feel it needs more body!

This might be the most obvious hair care routine ever, but it’s being a game changer to me and I highly suggest trying it if you have oily, flat, plane hair too! That’s it from me for now, but if you have other revolutionary advices, I’m all ears! x

New year, old hair.
  • Dee

    I’m the opposite of your hair! Mine is like WHOOOOOO PARTY!! when I wash, but I love the sound of the salt spray! I wish I could plait my hair because it might make it look a bit better but I’m all fingers and thumbs! Gorge pictures! 😉 xx

    Dee |

  • i love the lush shampoo bar i feel it really washes your hair and removes all the impurities but it can get a bit messy hanging around in your bathroom. lovely photograhpy too by the way

  • Un leave-in districante e nutriente a me serve per forza, a causa dei capelli tinti… però lo utilizzo solo sulla parte finale delle lunghezze e sulle punte, per cui la “testa” mi rimane pulita… stessa cosa che faccio per il balsamo durante la doccia, comunque.

    Gli spray al sale marino mi interessano, per ora ho il surf spray di BB ma tende un po’ a seccare quindi non lo uso tanto spesso.

  • I love your tips I have recently started using lush shampoo bars and just started getting used to them, I don’t think I wash them out properly hahah xxx

  • Love the photos in this post! I used to use a Lush shampoo bar and loved it, I must buy a new one 🙂 xx

  • It’s always great when you find a routine that works for your hair! It’s amazing how much a good hair day can change your mood 🙂

  • charlotte samantha

    Lovely post, I love the way youve taken your photos too! Love your blog

    CharlotteSamantha //

  • Love this!! I am going to have to try that Lush stuff as well as the spray!! I JUST went to Lush though so I am going to have to wait a little bit. Haha. Thanks for sharing!!!