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An Ode To Triangle Bras.

February 12th  •  Posted in Style

An ode to triangle bras.

Right so, Valentine’s Day is only two days ahead, and believe me when I say I’m totally, completely, absolutely stepping out of my comfort zone with this post, but it’s love season, this means it’s entirely acceptable to talk about lingerie, right? Right. And believe me also when I say, this is the first time I talk about lingerie online mostly because I’ve only owned embarassing granny panties and uncomfortable bras until recently… But now I’ve discovered it, and this is just the perfect excuse to share my love for the triangle bra!

If you haven’t joined the club yet, what are you waiting for?! Imagine a sport bra but cuter and, uhm, sexier, eeek! What a scary word to write! Not that my aim is to wear very nice put together lingerie all the time, and no, I’m not one that wears bras with their paired bottoms everyday (or ever really), but I truly believe in the power of clothes (and underwear) to boost and support my mood. If I wear comfy lingerie, I might feel cozy, relaxed, at ease, and no doubts there’re situations where only comfy underwear would do, but if I wear something nicer, chances are I will feel nicer, more intriguing and determined, feminine and powerful, and that’s what the world out there want us to be!

Triangle bras might make you think they’re only for smaller-busted, but I definitely can’t be labelled like that at all (TMI?) and I assure you they are still comfy, yet supportive and most of them fits amazingly on me too! ASOS has the best selection of triangle bras with very inexpensive price tags, I love their Chiffon Spot Bra – it’s the softest and comfiest ever and yet looks very nice and detailed, but let me reveal the big news, H&M has the most beautiful ones at the moment! I’m in love with my new black lace set (bra + brief), it’s not hugely discreet, but nothing too much and I definitely feel at ease and nice in it! Now that I’ve discovered the power of pretty lingerie, I feel like there’s nothing better than treating myself to a new lace bra or set…

… next on my list? This beauty! x

An ode to triangle bras.
An ode to triangle bras.
An Ode To Triangle Bras.
  • Emily Golding

    I love triangle bras and have been wearing them for a good month or so now they are amazing!! Funny enough I have a post about them for saturday :’) xx

  • They look so cute, unfortunately, they would probably not have enough support for me. 🙁 I wish that weren’t the case as they look super sexy!

  • OMG I totally love triangle bras, I have tiny boobs so they are perfect haha they are so comfy and look cute too xxx

  • Triangle bras are by far one of my favourite trends at the moment!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Katie Conigliaro

    I keep saying I really need to buy some new bras and underwear and you might have just convinced me to give this a shot. I’ve always avoided them because they didn’t seem like they would get along with my double Ds haha but maybe it is worth a shot (:

    love posts like this! more bloggers should have them(:

  • I love triangle bras! These ones are both gorgeous 🙂 xx


  • Zoë

    i wish i could wear unpadded triangle bras as they are so pretty.. unfortunately, my double d’s mean that i wouldnt be able to walk upstairs without giving myself a black eye. underwired and super structured for me forever, unfortunately! x