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February in 1:1 snaps.

February 25th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

February snaps

As much as January‘s been a tough month, I’ve tried and approached February in a slightly more positive way. I need the warmer weather to be here so badly, the winter blues’ve totally hit me recently and only on the odd warm spring-like days I totally felt renewed! I’m super excited for the new month and the new season to come, but I must admit, between some forgettable episodes, February has seen some nice highlights too (and a lot of coffee – can you guess it from these pictures?!).

On my February happy list…

1 :: Valentine’s Day! It’s been a good one this year! We actually got to spend it by our own for almost the entire day, doing romantic and love-themed things (like putting together an indoor picnic with wine and chocolate and baking heart-shaped brownies) that we never really “find” time to do on an average day together.

2 :: Going back to the pool and swim at least once a week has been one of the best things about this month! I’ve always loved swimming and being in the water and sometimes I really can’t believe how easy it is for me to forget how good and renewed I feel afterwards! I really need to stick to it in the future… oh, and I’m also loving yoga quite a lot lately, mostly thanks to Adriene!

3 :: The little joys that come with having a daily diary, a one place where to keep my notes and to-do lists and tasks. Bonus points if it’s as cute as Frankie Diary.

4 :: This has not lasted the whole month, but I tried to switch off the technologies and instead read before going to sleep. It felt quite nice while it lasted, but I’m a creature of habit and always go back to my phone and Instagram feed. *But* I’m going to try and make it a real thing the next month.

5 :: Healthy eating or in general a healthier approach to life! I’m really enjoying taking care of myself and what I put into my body, but most of all, I truly deeply enjoy discovering new ingredients, especially if they’re good!

Bonus :: that feeling when someone buys you flowers! Especially if they’re tulips!

My favourite online contents :: Kristabel’s My Career Story So Far ; Gemma’s Intuitive Eating ; Rosie’s My Workout Routine ; Katy’s Stopping & Starting ; Cat’s Poltergeist.

What’s on your February happy list? x

February snaps
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  • I’d like to read before going to bed too, but I just love watching Tv shows too much. My current obsession is Hart of Dixie… weird because I hated it at first!
    I need to try Adriene’s videos, you’re not the first one to mention her.
    And be patient, spring is coming 😉

  • It’s currently summer here, and the weather really lifted my spirits so I hope it does the same for you! As much as I usually love winter, it can get you down.

  • Aimee Clay

    You’re photography is absolutely amazing, will definitely be following along on Instagram now too 🙂

  • Sounds like you had a lovely month and hope you have a great one next month. Your photography is just amazing by the way.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin’ |

  • Lovely round-up! Your instagram photos are always so beautiful. I started swimming regularly (my aim is twice a week, and so far so good!) back in January and I love it. It’s such a nice form of exercise 🙂

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Adorable photos and you have made me crave brownies and swimming- maybe not the best combo haha xxx

  • I’m rubbish at switching off the technology! And glad you have a lovely V-Day too!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • your photography is amazing. Is there any blog post about tips and tricks about photography? If not, you should definitely do it one day xxx

    Rock Me Fabulous Blog

    • I’ve never done one but I’ve actually got it planned for this month and have already shot something for it 🙂 x

  • Oh K.

    Oh my gosh I’m checking out the Frankie Diary. I need it! I really want to get into self-reflection more by writing it down so it’s out of my mind. That diary is so cute!

  • Thank you so much for the link! Your blog is lovely 🙂