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February 2nd  •  Posted in Beauty

I bet I’m not the only one who envy some healthy (and not-gross) shine on normal not oily hair! The thing with having a oily scalp is that you have to try and eliminate as much oil as you can to avoid to feel the need of washing your hair twice a day, this means using targeted products that aim to get rid of the excess oil but that also sometimes leave your hair a bit dull and too matte. This is not my thing, I like my hair to be as voluminous and texturized as healthy and shiny looking!

As with my oily skin, I’ve always been afraid to put on my hair any kind of oils as I’ve always thought it would have just made it worst. But just like with introducing natural oils in my skincare recently and being that my skin seems to (actually!) quite enjoy them, I thought maybe I should do the same with my haircare… and I wasn’t wrong!

Hair :: Shine!
Hair :: Shine!
Sahar Morocco Argan Oil  ℅ Hairtrade

Of course I’ll always stay away from anything too heavily oily, but I’ve found out oils are not always that bad onto a oily scalp. This Morocco Argan Oil* is perfect for lightly moisturize and add some healthy shine to my hair: I love the fact that is made out of natural ingredients and that aims to rebuild and repair damaged hair; even though it’s targeted at dry damaged hair, I think it can be a great addition to any normal-to-oily haircare routine too.

I apply a very small amount (just a few pumps) of the oil right after the shower directly onto my damp hair, concentrating it on the ends and going up towards the scalp with the remaining product, this way my scalp doesn’t get too much excess oil – that is the worst nightmare of any oily girl! Then I simply dry it and in the end I’m always left with softer, shiny, moisturized, healthy looking hair. And it isn’t more greasy than usual in the slightest, not even when dealing with second day hair!

So far so good, I’m definitely not going back to a skin/hair care without oils! How does your hair get on with oil-based products? x

Hair :: Shine!
  • Rosy Flynn

    Wow that oil looks good your hair looks so healthy and glossy.

  • Oh K.

    I am always scared of hair oils because I fear that my hair will get thick and gross and yuck. But if I use it I only use it on my ends. Problem solved! I for sure need something to fix my damaged hair right now so thanks for reminding me!

  • This sounds lovely and your hair really looks great! I like to use oil on my hair overnight xxx

  • I love Moroccan Argan Oil! I haven’t used this one before, I put a little bit of MoroccanOil on my hair everyday and honestly it is a lifesaver. I bleach my hair a lot, it helps so much!! x

  • It’s funny how our immediate reaction to putting oil in our hair is a no-no, but since argan oil became popular it’s become increasingly more acceptable. I find that using moisturising and nourishing products like oil actually help my scalp produce less oil- not sure why, whilst also improving the condition of my hair.

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

  • iScream25353