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My Favourite Healthy Ingredients

March 26th  •  Posted in Food

Since deciding to get involved with a healthier approach to food, my kitchen pantry totally has had a makeover. I’ve always been a fan of eggs, or quinoa or honey, but only recently I’ve realized how good they could be for myself and how to make them the base of my healthy meals. Rapidly the amount of healthy ingredients has doubled up into my kitchen pantry as soon as I got to discover the existence and the properties of some of them and as much as I’m aware it needs to grow a lot more in the future and it surely will, I am totally happy with it at this very moment! With these and the help of some fresh vegetables or fruits I can build so many different meals from scratch, most of which are actually super quick and easy to put together and yet very delicious (check my Healthy + Vegan Brownie Batter PancakesQuinoa Guacamole SaladPeanut Butter + Cocoa Healthy Cookies as example of what I mean – but also the end of this post for a couple of my favourite recipes from the web!).

I’ve gathered up my top favourite healthy ingredients I was able to discover in the latest months and am completely loving at the moment, in the hope to maybe inspire some of you to try something different and replace some unhealthy fridge staples of yours with some good for you and your body health!

My Favourite Healthy Ingredients.

1 :: Avocado.
I always say I’ve discovered avocado way too late in my life! Since a few years avocado has been my favourite go-to fruit for smoothies, salads, and of course my beloved guacamole. Recently I’ve discovered it’s totally appropriate to add avocado in my brownies and that not only it tastes amazing in there too, but it’s a good one to replace bad fats with healthy fats – I’m sold!

2 :: Eggs.
Eggs are my primary source of proteins and vitamin B12 so I always make sure to add some to my diet! There are so many ways to use eggs and I almost believe you’ll never learn enough on how to cook them! Definitely a nice ingredient to experiment with.

3 :: Coconut Oil.
Did you know that coconut oil is good not only if applied on your skin and hair, but also if implemented into your diet? I’ve always wanted to give coconut oil a go to fry or enrich my food, but never did until I realized it’s probably the best oil to put into your body because of its long list of health benefits and the high resistance to heat which means less free radicals too! I had a tough time at getting used to the taste of virgin coconut oil at the beginning, but now I completely appreciate it and use it to pan-fry literally everything!

4 :: Almond Milk.
I’m a cheese lover, but I realize I need to cut dairy off my diet as much as I can, this is why I’ve decided to start from my milk! I’m not a huge fan of soy milk, but almond milk is definitely my favourite and apparently the one that has a huge list of benefits too!

5 :: Quinoa + Bulgar Wheat.
There’s no need to underline the biggest amount of quinoa’s health benefits! It is an ingredients I’ve always loved and I’m trying to eat it a little bit more often than I used too – I especially love it if paired with bulgar wheat!

6 :: Chia Seeds.
Who knew these little seeds could be both source of fibers, proteins, omega-3s while also being super antioxidant?! It’s been easier than I though to integrate them into my diet, by simply throwing some in my salad or on my eggs or in my puddings!

My Favourite Healthy Ingredients.

7 :: Popping Corn.
I was as surprised as ever when I discovered a handful of organic popped kernels has only 20/30 calories! It means I can snack on popcorn everytime I feel a bit hungry and want to indulge in something tasty while also keeping it healthy!

8 :: Cocoa Powder.
Cocoa powder is a kitchen staple to me as I’m a huge lover of baking and, of course, chocolate. Unsweetened cocoa powder is low in calories but high in fibers, iron and magnesium and I throw it in literally everything sweet I cook or bake!

9 :: Whole Wheat Flour.
I really love white flour, but I know it’s important to cut processed ingredients out of my diet as much as possible, and recently I’m getting used and appreciating whole wheat flour as well! Definitely a healthier alternative!

10 :: Coconut Sugar.
As I said, I’m trying to limit the use of processed ingredients, especially sugar and I can’t even remember the last time I used white sugar! Brownie points to me! Coconut sugar is an unprocessed sweetener with low glycemic impact and good nutrients, so I thought to give it a go, and I’m a fan!

11 :: Coconut Molasses + Honey.
Two healthy ingredients I’m trying to use more in my baked goods as well as in my tea (instead of throwing way too many scoops of sugar in there!).


Take a few of these and mix them together to create delicious healthy breakfasts, take others, add vegetables or fruits to make meals or snacks! Those are the current bases of my kitchen pantry and I can do literally everything with their help!

And here are a few of my favourite healthy recipes from the web…
– Sticky Vegan Avocado Brownies
– Quinoa Stuffed Baked Tomatoes
– Butternut Squash Salmon Curry

What about you? Are you into healthy eating that much that you needed a kitchen pantry makeover too? x

  • Dee

    I’m planning a proper start to my healthy journey for April since life hasn’t made it too easy right now! XD I’ve already started using almond milk with my porridge and it makes everything so creamy!! I’ve got eggs and it’s amazing how many things you can use them for when doing meals. I’m going to try and start using coconut oil instead of virgin oil I usually use. Do you really taste it in your food? :s xx

    Dee |

    • I do – I use virgin, unprocessed coconut oil and I did noticed its taste quite a lot at the beginning. It was nice with pancakes, not that much with vegetables, but I very quickly got used to it and now I can barely taste it!

  • All these sound lovely Giada and I’m trying to eat healthy as well so these will so be in my shopping cart. The cocoa powder sounds great for cooking and baking since I’ve never used it before.

    • I couldn’t live without cocoa powder! I love chocolate way too much and I want all my baked goods, pancakes, coffee to taste like it! 😉 x

  • I loved this post, & reading all about your favorite ingredients. Some of these are my favorites, too! I love avocados, & coconut oil/sugar. You really can combine a lot of these & create some amazing, nutritionally dense foods.Thanks for sharing!

    Sofia |