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My Morning Routine

March 14th  •  Posted in Lifestyle

I’m a creature of habits and I live by routines. Everything I have to do, I need to plan it ahead and the only things I feel at ease at doing are ones I do everyday on repeat. There’s something so nice and comforting in knowing exactly how your day will go, that you’ll go out and come home at pre-established hours and do the usual things – that is a true comfort zone and why I don’t like to step and explore too much out of it! I do not enjoy the unknown. Especially in the morning I feel the urge of doing my usual things day after day, just changing maybe the amount of sugar in my coffee or the type of breakfast, but not too much really, and that’s the way I like to start my days! Am I the only one that feels comforted by a simple routine?!

And to me a good morning routine is made of…

My Morning Routine
My Morning Routine

{ a good old healthy homemade breakfast and coffee }
Coffee is a bad habit, I know, but it’s the only bad habit I stick to (excluding unhealthy fish burgers once every two weeks, ops!) and it’s something I totally love to indulge in especially in the morning. But since it’s a bad habit and I’m trying to cut coffee out of my diet as much as I can, it is also a pleasure I indulge in only in the morning. 
If you were asking, those delicious healthy brownies were made following this recipe from Lindsey, and even if I’d add one more egg and maybe a bit almond milk next time, I highly suggest giving it a go if you’re into healthy eating recently!

My Morning Routine

{ morning yoga }
This is something i’m trying to implement into my morning routine more but that when I do find time to have a little sun salutation or, even better, a complete and long yoga session in the morning, I always feel a lot better and ready to start the day with a positive mood! If you find you stress about nothing a bit too often, I’d highly suggest to find 10/15 minutes in the morning to practice some yoga before starting a day… it’s a game changer!

My Morning Routine

{ beauty ritual }

Finding time for myself is a rare thing lately, and I surely can’t afford the amount of time I took an year ago to complete my morning beauty routine, but if it’s only one product that I have to use, that’s fine, I can actually find some time for that! It’s a fortune I’ve decided to cut all the chemicals out of my beauty ritual and instead cleanse, moisturise and take care of my skin only with coconut oil lately, so now I have only one product to use, and usually it happens under the shower, so it only takes a few seconds of my time and yet it feels very nice to think I am taking care of my skin too!

My Morning Routine
My Morning Routine

{ plans for the day ahead }
As I told you, I love to plan my days before they start, I like to know exactly what I have to do and what can be done later before starting the work, so first thing I do when sitting at my desk is write a to-do list or check the one I’ve created the day before for the day ahead and set everything I have to do and when on paper. This way I feel a lot more organized and productive and, if my plans are realistic, I’ve found I’m able to do a lot more than when I don’t plan anything (because procrastination always finds a way to exist!).
That’s it, what I like to do first thing in the mornings! I’ve also found a perfect blogging routine lately that fits just right with my schedules and mania to plan everything ahead and be organized, so expect to see that one too!
What about your morning routines? I’m curious to know and please tell me I’m not the only one that lives by routines! x
  • Your mornings look magical! x

  • I am off to check out the healthy brownies as they look AMAZING! You can’t beat a nice hot drink too, I am better at yoga in the evenings on weekends actually all my energy seems to be zapped in the morning after weekday workouts xxx

  • Ooh those brownies look good! I might give those a go to mix it up a little and get out of my cereal rut. The first thing I do when I wake up is drag on my yoga gear and head downstairs for a session in front of the telly watching Yoga with Adriene. I find it’s really helps set myself up for the day. I wake up 30 minutes earlier to do it and because some of them are only 15-20 minutes it means I get an extra few minutes to make a cup of tea or spend a little longer getting ready.

    I need a routine in the morning otherwise I won’t get out the house on time. Luckily my commute is really short so I don’t need to leave til 8, giving me 1.5 hours to get ready. The times might change on the weekend but I still follow the same routine. Creature of habit I guess.

    Debbie x

  • Sounds like a lovely morning routine! I’m a creature of habits too, and I love my mornings. I usually shower, then make my breakfast porridge and eat it while reading blogs and scrolling through twitter, after which I get ready at a leisurely pace.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  • Oh K.

    Beauty ritual is really important to me. Coffee too! I’m trying to get into morning yoga too. I’m trying that 30 day challenge!

  • I’m the same when it comes to planning my day ahead. Some people think it’s not fun at all but for me it’s the only way to actually get things done.
    I also don’t like the unknown so whenever I make plans with someone I need to know where/when/how we’re seeing each other asap!
    Your photos are gorgeous, as usual.

  • Marsya Jauzi

    Your mornings are my dream morning. Great post 🙂

  • You made mornings sound much more interesting and special that most human being think of when the alarm clock goes off. I love this post and I love the photography. Well done! 🙂
    Much love xx
    Catarina //

  • Amy

    Your blog is right up my street! I have to plan my day ahead too and it is great to know we both like daffodils. Just starting out with my blog but feel free to have a read. Thanks for inspiring me today 🙂

  • These beautiful pictures make mornings look fun ! And that is a tough thing to do.

    Morning yoga is something I definately want to start doing too (if I can stop pressing snooze)

    Petite Pomme

  • Helena

    Oh what a magical morning. Everyone should treat themselves like this when they first wake up ♥